A concert on the balcony, tango and a bit of humor: the XXXIII concert season has opened in the regional philharmonic

A concert on the balcony, tango and a bit of humor: the XXXIII concert season has opened in the regional philharmonic

As the organizers promised on the eve of the holiday, this concert brought together the most diverse programs and projects of the regional philharmonic society. As those that have already been presented to the viewer, so are the new ones.

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From the first minutes the guests jumped in the summer and remembered the concerts on the balcony. The project itself was not the first season with success on Sovetskaya Street, there are balconies in the new Philharmonic Hall, where the opening concert began.

And then Argentinean tango, jazz, popular music, modern pop music, classical, swing and much more were very much in the spirit of the philharmonic society and in tune with its motto “Music is not for everyone, but for everyone”. All that can be heard this season. And, as always, exclusively in live performance by the orchestra conducted by Boris Myagkov and the Philharmonic soloists.


It promises to be especially eventful: more than 400 concerts are given by philharmonic artists per year. They perform on their stage and travel to the districts a lot. They applaud our musicians at international venues.

Different directions of the philharmonic society and different programs number by number were woven into the outline of the concert. The entertainer, artistic director of the regional philharmonic society Viktor Sokolovsky, helped “count” these invitation letters for future programs.


So, a few years ago, the audience was presented with a program dedicated to Argentine tango. This season it will be shown again, but already on the big stage. The composition from the popular series "Kitchen" announced a concert "Musicians are joking" on 1st of April. This season the audience will be offered concerts of Belarusian music, including the hits of Vladimir Muliavin.


There are regular projects in the Philharmonic. So, “Easy Monday” starts with November with chamber acoustic concerts in the cafe “Royal”, which already works in the Philharmonic. The name of the project “Musical environment” speaks for itself. On Saturdays - the Philharmonic Hall, which is each time dedicated to a new direction or musician. Soon they promise to announce a project for children. There will be other novelties that we will learn about a little later.


A special charm or, conversely, notes of playfulness was given to the music by the dance accompaniment. Together with the Grodno artists, guests from Minsk took part in the concert - a dance pair of masters of the Argentine tango Denis Petrovich and Ekaterina Senina.


It seemed that they were fooling around to music, sometimes performing acrobatic stunts and at the same time striking with grace, Grzegosz and Agnezka Herubinsky - a couple from Poland, three-time world boogie-woogie champions.


Young artists danced - pupils of the Gracia sports dance club, a branch of which works on the basis of the Philharmonic. The very young artists of this evening were the students of the Children's Philharmonic Studio - beginner ballerinas.


А уже сегодня в гости ждут любителей старинной музыки. В 19.00 – в проекте «Среда музыкальная» выступят Владимир Захаров и ансамбль «Сальтарелло» из Пинска. В программе – композиции XVI – XVIII веков.


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