A fashion show about love and the other surprises of the Eurasian Festival of Cultures in Mir Castle

A fashion show about love and the other surprises of the Eurasian Festival of Cultures in Mir Castle

The festival of cultures was held on 21 June. The most interesting program for the audience began in the courtyard of the castle at 16.00. The audience saw the music-choreographic fashion show "The way to Belarus" by designer Anastasia Falckovich, which united music in folk stylization, choreography, fashion and history. Together with the young director Ian Kleshchenko, with the support of "PAWA" and "FERIYA" groups, Anastasia presented a sketch based on the show "The way to Belarus", which will be premiered only in September of this year. At the heart of the musical event is a story about the love of the young pan to a simple Belarusian woman from an out-of-the-way place.  

The concert of laureates of the International Music Award of EAEU "BELBRAND AWARD" of young performers in the field of classical music who play in the Eurasian Symphony Orchestra took place in the evening. It was created a year ago on the basis of the Udmurt State Symphony Orchestra, which includes both young musicians from different countries and honored artists of Udmurtia. The orchestra conductor is the leading conductor of the Republic of Belarus, the honorary academician of the International Humanitarian Academy "Europe-Asia", Vyacheslav Bortnovsky. On 21 June, musicians from Belarus, Serbia, Italy, Kazakhstan, Kyrgyzstan rose on the stage in the courtyard of the castle.   

The pleasant end of the festival day became the folk-musical show "Journey around Nevrida" of the Belarusian fantasy-folk band "Nevrida". The work of the collective is a kind of experiment on the topic "what would have happened if medieval minstrels decided to try themselves in any of the modern musical styles."   


Also, the duo show "ARBAT" and the owner of the special prize of the 2018 Eurasian international rating championship for oriental dancing among professionals Milena Volskaya performed. A surprise from the organizers of the show was the performance of the participant of the TV project "Dancing on TNT", the representative of the American step in Belarus Yulia Kosmina and the TAP TOWN team.   

The entrance to the events, which were held on 21 June in the inner courtyard of the Mir Castle, was free.   
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