A souvenir shop, a small-scale Grodno and an art café. The exhibition centre "Festivalny" will be opened by the beginning of the Festival of National Cultures

A souvenir shop, a small-scale Grodno and an art café. The exhibition centre "Festivalny" will be opened by the beginning of the Festival of National Cultures

The history of the Festival of National Cultures, the traditions of the peoples living in Belarus, their modern art and a concert with a cup of coffee – you can visit, see and learn all these things under the same roof. The address is Grodno, Telmana Street, building 4. Right here, in this historical building, the exhibition centre "Festivalny" has settled. Its opening is planned for the days of сoncluding events of XII Country-wide Festival of National Cultures.


The very name "centre" implies that it will a be multifunctional complex. Irina Silvanovich, deputy director for exhibition activities of Grodno cultural and entertainment centre, told us what it will combine.

- How should I tell you about the history of the festival so that it sounds interesting? Irina Silvanovich asks the question which the creators of the museum asked themselves. Then she answers: "Besides photos, artifacts, archival documents, prizes and souvenirs, something modern and interactive should be displayed in the museum. So, a big screen will appear in the hall devoted to the expatriate diasporas. It will allow to see the life of expatriates and their podvoreyes (courtyards). A short film with episodes of the festival itself about each expatriate diaspora will be prepared. It is planned to renew content all the time".

An individual hall is devoted to Belarusian culture. Its memorable detail will be... a tablet, but the size of the table. Choosing the right positions, the guests will know a lot of interesting things about Belarusians and our culture and traditions: the features of the national costume, the recipes of national cuisine, holidays and many other things. Here also will stand mannequins in national costumes, typical for Grodno region. A famous Grodno artist Evgenia Stanina is involved in dress making.

A collection of ABC-books of different nations will take one of the central places. Here also all prizes of the festival will be on display. Every time each prize is specially designed and made at the glass-works in Berezovka.


The central of the three halls has been decided to give to the so-called news events. Exhibitons, for example. The photography exhibition of photoclub "Grodno" will be the first to open here. It will show the festival in vivid colours. Then it will be replaced by the exhibition of paintings created during an international art plein air session. A unique exhibition of Kyrgyz artists will be opened in this hall some time around July.



A souvenir shop will take place here too. Right now the question about what one will be able to buy there is being discussed. It should be mentioned that a lot of souvenirs are designed particularly for this shop as the festival time approaches.

Next to the shop, the works by Grodno artists will be placed. It will be possible to buy them.


The first floor of the exhibition centre is yet another small museum. Here will take place... the whole Grodno in miniature. The model of 4 metre by 4 metre size has been created by a local historian Igor Lapeho. Here modern buildings and historical monuments coexist. The art café "Kvetka" also will appear on the first floor. It is a cozy place for creative meetings, presentations, chamber concerts, master-classes... The walls of the art cafe will become an exhibition platform for paintings. By the way, it will be possible to purchase them. The exposition will change regularly.



For many years now a magic seven-petal flower has been the main symbol of the festival of national cultures. It will decorate the building.

- We want the guests who come to Telmana Street 4, to find themselves right in the center of an interesting creative space, says Irina Silvanovich. Our artist Alexander Silvanovich will make a garland cover in his own technique on one of the walls. The festival flower will be there, from which as if birds will be born, and they will fly up to the second floor, to their expatriate diasporas. Birds will have different ornaments.
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