A young surgeon from Lida about his work: “How to find a common language with patients is not taught at the university - you need to learn it by yourself”

A young surgeon from Lida about his work: “How to find a common language with patients is not taught at the university - you need to learn it by yourself”

The news that the young surgeon of the city polyclinic

So, get acquainted: Anton Yazepchik has been working for only the second year, while still in the status of a young specialist, but he has already established himself not only among the management, but also among the patients.

-A competent specialist, attentive, patient, always listens and does everything that depends on him, says Tatyana Enko, deputy head of the city policlinic No. 2, about Anton Yazepchik. In general, we have a very good surgical link. Anton Vladimirovich works under the leadership of the head of the surgical department Alexander Yakubovsky, also a young doctor.

Anton Yazepchik is a Lidchan, studied at school №15 and lyceum №1. There are no doctors in his family. True, mother once dreamed of being a doctor, but she became an engineer. An awareness of the future profession came to Anton in the 8th-9th form; he decided not to back down from his goal.

To the question: “Why surgery?” - Anton Vladimirovich replies: “When you study at the university, you still don’t understand which area is closer. And only in the 4th-5th year, when you see how neurologists, therapists, and surgeons work, you start to become more interested in something. I liked many sections, but surgery was the most. Here the process is active, there are a lot of emergency situations.

The main place of work of Anton Yazepchik is the city polyclinic №2. However, in addition, he leads the duty in the hospital of the surgical department of the Central District Hospital. A large amount of work, tension does not bother, but rather - like a young doctor.

- The work in the clinic and in the hospital is very different. Surgeons work actively there, but with different problems. In the clinic - mainly with joint diseases, arthrosis, arthritis, vascular diseases, in the hospital - with abdominal diseases, appendicitis, gall bladder pathologies, pancreatitis, says Anton Yazepchik. - I am glad that I work both in the clinic and in the hospital. Many graduates, as a rule, do not want to go to clinics. They want to immediately become great doctors, but they won’t be able to become great right away.

The young doctor quickly joined the team of doctors. “When I came to the clinic, I didn’t know anyone. The internship took place in Minsk. But he didn’t even notice how he became his, in his place. I am very glad that I had the opportunity to work with such colleagues. With some, we became friends. In the hospital it is pleasant to talk with senior colleagues. I learn from them. ”

- In the clinic it is very important to find a common language with patients, says the young doctor. This is not taught at the university - you need to learn it by yourself. There are different situations. Sometimes you need to defuse tension, and this is not easy. You need to work on yourself. For myself, I developed a rule: you need to listen to people, listen to everyone to the end. Much depends on this.

Anton Yazepchik admits: “I like the profession of a doctor. Although there are enough problems ... I can compare with Minsk, where I did an internship. Survey accessibility in regions is generally reduced. There is a shortage of doctors, a large number of patients. But clinical thought here works incomparably better! ”


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