About the position of supervisor, students unit and dream. Vitaliya Selivonchyk in the project "What does the youth want?" (+ video)

Vitaliya for me is an example that studying at the university is not only a time to acquire the necessary professional knowledge, but also a great opportunity to realize yourself in a new direction, which may become life-changing. When semesters are three… Vitaliya Selivonchyk, a 4th year student, deputy secretary of the BRSM First Agrarian University of Grodno, is already thinking about summer. But not where there is a lot of free time and there is an opportunity to do nothing. And where for her and hundreds of other students will start the third semester, which is working one.

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Vitaliya spent her first summer in the student unit in the Hrodna estate "Korobchitsy". As a future veterinarian she went to look after animals. But after the first working day she was summoned to the management. She thought: that’s all, you need to collect things, do not fit. She was also offered a tour guide in a guerrilla camp.

- We had to meet a lot of people. There could be up to 15 trips per day for two guides. It was a school of life and it changed me a lot. She came as a child, and after work seemed to become more adult.

However, student life has become more active and busy.


In the second year, Vitaliya and her girlfriends took the prize in the city stage of the competition "100 ideas for Belarus": the girls developed toys that develop fine motor skills - a small loom, a beading machine.

Last year Vitaliya participated in the contest "Queen of Spring", at the regional stage she became the third.


- This is a very significant achievement for our university. There are many agricultural units in the country, and what we are the best at is very honorable, says Vitaliya, and actively encourages other students to join the student labor movement. I have been working in student units for three years and today I just cannot imagine my life without it. I literally live by them! I think it's a great way to spend time, relax, and make money at the same time. Besides, the student unit is not just a job. New acquaintances, impressions, many interesting events, competitions, sports and intellectual games…

Last year Vitaliya visited as the best commander the All-Russian school of commanders and commissioners of student groups. Only three people represented our country there. She wasalso at a rally of student groups of Russia, held in Moscow in the Kremlin.

Such meetings provide new ideas for organizing the student labor movement. So, at the end of January this year, Vitaliya spent 10 days in the Altai Krai and participated in the all-Russia patriotic action "Snow Troopers".

- We very much want to do something like this in Belarus. The idea of the action is that during the winter holidays, students gather for the unit and travel to the villages of the region. They live in schools, hold workshops with students, games, sports, vocational training activities, and provide patronage assistance to the lone elderly people. In the evening there is a big concert. And every day there is a new settlement.

Activists are already deciding what this summer of students will be like today. There are many plans. Vitaliya regrets, perhaps, one thing: this is her last summer in the student unit.


- Now, I think how to continue studying after graduation. I really like this, besides I understand that there is a lot I can do and be useful.

Her active position, successes in various spheres are noticed by the management of the university and the region. So, Vitaliya became one of the participants of the first Republican New Year ball for youth with the participation of the President.

Who to be?


Vitaliya had once planned to go to medical college, but when the admission rules changed and she realized that there was little chance of getting into the budget form, she started looking for other options. She was interested in veterinary medicine and mentioned that representatives of Grodno Agrarian University came to Kobrin native with vocational guidance. At the same time, they talked about the advantages: boarding school, the opportunity to obtain a driver's license for free, interesting student life… She consulted with relatives and filed documents in Grodno

- Today I can say for sure: I never regretted that it happened. On the contrary, it is a true gift of fate. In fact, I understand that it was here that I discovered myself, was able to realize myself in various fields. I try to try as much as possible to understand exactly what I would like to do. It is great that the university offers this opportunity. So far, two major areas in my life are my future profession and the student-labor movement.

They are the main focus and almost all the time. Vitaliya is happy to try herself as a veterinarian, while learning a new practice. And today I am sure: the main thing is that you are lucky enough to get into the work of a good team of professionals, who can learn something. The preparation at the university is serious, students improve their theoretical knowledge in practice. Caring for animals in a university vivarium. And even surgery is performed at thesurgery department. They often bring pets for sterilization. Vitaliya has no doubts in his knowledge. And ready to apply them


  - Many came to the faculty of veterinary medicine because they are very fond of animals. Yes, they are lovely, but there is no wild love for them. Sometimes I am told that it will even help in the profession, because I can go cold with my cold mind and without unnecessary emotions. Perhaps so.

So who dreams of being a college student and activist who sees her life ten years from now?

- I think I will already have family, children. And yet I see myself as a leader. If in veterinary medicine, I think it will be the position of the chief doctor, maybe in the farm, in the district veterinary station. The ability to see perspective, to organize people, to motivate for success, to properly distribute responsibilities - I do well. I think it should be something good. I also considered working in veterinary examination.


Responsible work. We can work in this area if we are properly qualified. Now that the relevant subjects appeared in the program, I was interested.

Vitalyia, one hundred percent, does not know in what area she will find herself. But the girl has a goal: to be successful and useful. And this is not pathos.

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- I want to be useful and do something good. Not only for themselves, but also for society in principle. If I understand that I can be more useful in veterinary medicine than in other areas, I will definitely work. But if I realize that it is not possible to become a good specialist, which is not mine, I will look for another direction.

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