An angiograph and the first magnetic resonance imager in a district. A new hospital in Ostrovets is already accepting patients

An angiograph and the first magnetic resonance imager in a district. A new hospital in Ostrovets is already accepting patients

After the opening of the first construction phase in the new building of the Ostrovets Central District Clinical Hospital, three out of five buildings were put into operation.

At the first stage, 11 departments for 232 beds were opened for patients, including inter-district cardiological and neurological departments, a center for radiation diagnostics, an X-ray endovascular surgery room, an obstetric and gynecological department with beds of inter-district laparoscopic gynecology.


-The healthcare system is being actively modernized in the region, aimed at creating inter-district medical centers where it would be possible to urgently and routinely receive high-quality and affordable medical care within a radius of 70 kilometers, said Viktor Pranyuk, deputy chairman of the regional executive committee. High-tech medical services should be concentrated not only in the regional center, but also in the largest cities of the region. In our case, these are Slonim, Volkovysk, Lida and Ostrovets. For example, now the reconstruction of the surgical building of the Lida Central District Hospital is underway. For the CT apparatus, a separate extension will appear here. Hospitals of the region will gradually be equipped with modern angiographs.


Ostrovets District Central Clinical Hospital will become not just a new “hospital” for Ostrovets residents. Residents of nearby areas as Grodno, Minsk, Vitebsk regions will be able to apply here for medical help. The population is growing in Ostrovets itself, so it is obvious that the 186 beds that the old hospital had were not enough for a long time.

The new clinic is equipped with high-tech medical equipment worth about 27 million rubles. Here we are ready to conduct the most advanced types of diagnostics - CT, MRI, angiography. Such a "filling" as a computer and magnetic resonance imaging scanner, not all medical facilities can boast, even in large cities. For example, until now there were only three MRI devices in the region. And in the area - this is the first. The study is in demand: only in the first two days of the cabinet’s work, about two dozen patients underwent magnetic resonance imaging.

-The hospital was built on an individual project as a multifunctional medical center, where you can get the whole range of diagnostic, treatment and rehabilitation services from infancy to old age, said Vladimir Mozheiko, the head doctor of the hospital. Using modern equipment, we will be able to provide emergency assistance even in such severe conditions as acute cerebrovascular accident and acute coronary syndrome, which precedes myocardial infarction. Moreover, if the patient is delivered to us on time, it is possible to prevent disability threatening in such cases.


To work on the latest equipment, 165 specialists have already undergone retraining - an internship on the basis of regional and leading republican healthcare institutions, advanced training courses at the Belarusian Medical Academy of Postgraduate Education. Several already experienced specialists moved to Ostrovets from Grodno and Minsk. Young doctors will also work here, for whom the new hospital in Ostrovets will be the first step in a medical career. Last year, the hospital recruited more than 130 young specialists.


According to the head doctor, there is no shortage of personnel for several reasons: the possibility of career growth and a strong social package, including housing. The building ofthe former kindergarten in Ostrovets was reconstructed as a dormitory for young doctors. Especially for them, a new apartment building was built in the city. Another is next in line.


The clinic will have its own clinical diagnostic laboratory. Its capabilities, compared with those that were once, have expanded significantly. Serological tests for HIV and other sexually transmitted infections, for example, were previously carried out in Smorgon, and hormone testing could only be done in Grodno. Now for this you no longer need to leave the city.


Completely the construction of a new hospital will be completed in July. At the second stage, two more buildings will be opened: obstetric and pediatric with a perinatal center and infectious for 40 beds.


The pathological and traumatological departments and the emergency department will also be commissioned. A total of five buildings will accommodate 16 departments with 382 beds. The construction and equipment of the medical facility totaled about 127 million rubles.


By the way, the old building of the Ostrovets Central District Hospital will not disappear - a polyclinic complex will be created on its basis. A reconstruction project is currently under development. The complex will be designed for 640 visits per shift. It will house two departments of general practice, the prevention department and the dental department with a denture laboratory. Functional and radiation diagnostics rooms, inter-district oncology screening rooms will be available to patients. The new clinic, created on the basis of the former hospital, will also include women's and children's consultations and a hostel-type hostel with 25 beds.


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