Another building with a history of six centuries was found during excavations on Zamkovya Hill (+ video)

Archaeologists date the recently discovered house to the mid-end of the XIV century. The wooden floor and the foundation of the stove are well preserved. If in previous buildings there were visible traces of fire in places, then the current fire most likely did not damage. And, apparently, one more explanation of the “generosity” of the opened building on objects that characterize the life of the ancient inhabitants of Zamkovaya Hill.


They found a knife, nails and needles, decorations here. Among the last two rings, a bracelet fragment and a suspension made of bronze and lead-tin alloy. Bronze and, as the researchers determined, two lead ingots, as well as a fragment of a payment ingot of silver – hryvnia, deserve special attention. It is a metal twig, which was divided into parts and used as a means of payment.

-There are a lot of highly corroded items, which restorers will have to work with, says Natalya Kizyukevich, the head of the archeology department of the Historical and Archeological Museum.


Interestingly, under the floorboards and in the gaps between them, archaeologists discovered hazelnuts, which, along with the buildings, lay in the ground for about seven centuries.

The current building is already the sixth, which archaeologists have discovered on the site. Three more are viewed in profile. -People often rebuilt houses, and if at this stage the dating of each of the found structures is outlined by an approximate epoch, then in the future we will be able to talk about a much

more accurate time of their possible construction, continues Natalia Kizyukevich. -We are cutting the wood of each structure and, thanks to the research of the relevant specialists in Minsk, this data will actually be reduced to decades.


The archeologists are in no hurry to draw any conclusions about the buildings themselves - most likely these are economic and residential buildings. It is difficult to try to derive some system in several fragments, because today's excavation is just a small puzzle of the overall picture of Zamkovaya Hill.
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