Belarusian mini-tractors will be assembled in Kazakhstan, and Kazakh tourists are waited in the Grodno region

Vladimir Kravtsov, the chairman of the regional executive committee met with Yermukhamet Yertysbayev, the Extraordinary and Plenipotentiary Ambassador of the Republic of Kazakhstan to the Republic of Belarus.


The meeting was held in the framework of the international business forum "Euroregion" Neman "- 2018". Vladimir Kravtsov stressed that at present the Grodno region has established close and mutually beneficial relations with the five regions of Kazakhstan, with them signed agreements on cooperation in various fields. Grodno region is increasing sales of products of its leading enterprises in the Asian region, a significant share of which is supplied to Kazakhstan. These are mainly dairy and meat products. Only milk is produced and processed in our 1.2 million tons per year.

During the talks, Ivan Zhuk, the first deputy chairman of the regional executive committee, said that Grodno could directly buy feed grain in Kazakhstan for feeding livestock, about 100 thousand tons annually in exchange for delivered milk and meat products. This proposal also interested the ambassador.


Vladimir Kravtsov focused on the fact that, in addition to food, the Grodno region sees prospects for sales of agricultural equipment and tillage machines in the markets of Kakhakhstan. He cited the example of the Slonim furniture factory, which exports almost 90% of its products to Kazakhstan. In addition to it, there are many modern furniture and woodworking enterprises in the region that are ready to supply their products to this country in large volumes.


-We are ready to expand cooperation with your country and regions in the field of medicine, emphasized Vladimir Kravtsov. There is already an experience of exchanging delegations, conducting master classes. The same applies to the educational sphere. The priority is tourism, which in our country has become visa-free.

The new regime of visa-free entry into the territory of Grodno and the Grodno district has already effectively established itself. Kazakhstan, in turn, is interested in the favorable location of Grodno region on the borders with the European Union, since Kazakh products are transported through our border crossings. There is an intention to take advantage of East-West logistics centers that are being built in our country, or to build our own.


-We intend to increase trade with Belarus and, in particular, with the Grodno region, said Yermukhamet Yertysbayev. This task was set at the end of last year during the Kazakh-Belarusian negotiations. But in the trade relations of Kazakhstan and Belarus we have a negative balance: we buy more than we sell. At a meeting with the governor of your area, we agreed to build mini tractors in one of our areas. In addition to trade, we will develop mutually beneficial relations in other areas.

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