Book bridge from France to Belarus: how fairy tales help to heal people, told French writer Anna Lozovskaya at a meeting in Grodno

Meeting with Anna Lozovskaya in the Karsky Regional Scientific Library was the first in the framework of the creative project of the library “Know the world through a book”. The project began with an acquaintance with France. By the way, Grodno has an old friendshipwith this country.


- An agreement on cultural cooperationwas concluded with the French embassy in Belarus. For 15 years, books in French have been transferred to the library. They allow you to get acquainted with the history, culture, traditions of this country to the residents of Grodno, who speak French. Today’s meeting is another step in our cooperation, said Elena Klimovich, the head of the culture department of the regional executive committee, and noted that how Grodno people can get closer acquainted with the culture of France, our achievements have been presented more than once at French sites. For example, students of the Grodno State College of Music come with concerts in the city of Limoges - Grodno's twin city. Also in France, the well-known collective of the Grodno Chapel performed, the art of sand-painting was represented by Anna Kokhanovskaya, and the artist Valentina Shoba in 2016 participated in an exhibition in Paris, where she was awarded the Taylor Prize.


And these cultural ties will only expand.

- We cooperate, we have common projects in all areas. For example, as early as March, the month of Francophony starts in Belarus, we plan to organize many events, they will affect literature, theater, music, dance, and so on. There are many contacts with Belarusian artists, we also cooperate with them in the framework of creative projects, said the first counselor of the French Embassy in Belarus, Alexander Piquet.


A visit to Grodno by a famous writer, storyteller and therapist Anna Lozovskaya is one of the examples of successfully implemented projects. As Alexander Pike noted, after the first visit to our city, he decided to organize here a creative meeting or something like that. They decided to invite Anna Lozovskaya, a famous fairy tale artist in France. She is an interesting author who not only writes, but also tells her unusual stories. And yet - he knows how to heal with their help.


- Even as a child, my grandmother told me fairy tales, so my whole life is connected with them. Now I am a professional artist, fairy tale artist. I wrote first for children, and over time I began working with adults and using fairy tales as a therapy, said the author. When people have psychological, mental and even physiological blockages, I can help them overcome them with the help of symbols — fairy tale characters. Because it is easier for a person to associate himself with some kind of fairy-tale character and say, for example, that he is a Mermaid or Baba Yaga, than to call specific adjectives. So I work with these locks.

And to the comic question, if is it possible to cure a sore throat with a fairy tale, Anna answered with a smile:

 - In this case, it is imperative to go to the sorceress or the good witch, so that she brewed herbal tea with honey. It will help.

The guys who are learning French came to the meeting with Anna. So during the conversation the translator was not needed. The guys literally rained questions about creativity, the books of Anna, her heroes. And finally, the writer in all its glory showed her talent as a narrator, and not only what she told, but practically showed one of her fairy tales. This story, like most, is based on folklore.


It did not go without another gift to the citizens of Grodno - Anna Lozovskaya handed over copies of her books to the Karsky regional library. In French. Its history has not yet been translated into Russian.

As part of the week of the French book, creative events dedicated to Antoine de Saint-Exupery (the 6th of February in the youth branch) and Georges Brassens (the 7th of February, foreign language publications department) will also be held. And from 8th to 9thFebruary, everyone is invited to watch French cinema in the department of publications in foreign languages.


The project “Know the world through the book” will continue with an acquaintance with Germany, Poland, the USA and other countries.


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