"Buzzing like a helicopter!" What do Grodno residents think about the noisy races of bikers at night?

"Buzzing like a helicopter!" What do Grodno residents think about the noisy races of bikers at night?

The weather in recent days is especially warm. But high Celsius has its side effects. Motorcycle noise is one of them. Some riders are not averse to making night rides, roaring along the road with a roar. Quite often their route runs through sleeping areas, and the hum of motorcycles wakes the townspeople. The "GP" correspondent asked the region's traffic police how to deal with such reckless drivers, and also asked the residents of Grodno how they relate to motorcyclists.

Night shift

In total, more than 54,000 motor vehicles are registered in the region. This year, motorcyclists are under even more scrutiny, because since the beginning of the year there have been 16 accidents involving riders, 2 people have died, 16 have been injured. This is largely due to speeding. Often, other road users simply do not have time to notice two-wheeled vehicles.

There are much fewer cars on the roads at night, and some riders arrange night rides. When the motorcycle rushes along the night street, the hum is incredible. Residents of the city complain about the noise and ask motorcyclists not to hum at their windows. The question often arises, can they be punished for the hum?

- There is no punishment for noise, and its level is checked at special stations. It's worth noting that noisy doesn't always mean fast. For example, there are motorcycle models that drive very loudly even at low speeds. We stop the night driving with the help of shifts, checking the places familiar to motorcyclists. We use cameras, said Anastasia Burnos, an inspector of the agitation and propaganda department of the UGAI of the regional executive committee.

With the opening of the motor season, the traffic police officers are strengthening control over this category of road users. The motorcycle patrol helps with this. Previously, motorcycles were used only by employees of a separate special platoon "Delta", but now in the DPS battalion they are actively using this type of transport. The motorized patrol operates daily, the change time depends on weather conditions. Employees drive a BMW F800GS - a powerful car weighing more than 300 kilograms maneuvers perfectly and can travel over almost any landscape. The motorcycle is equipped with a radio receiver, sound and light signals.


Buzzing like a helicopter

It happens that the reason for the powerful exhaust is the modernization of the muffler or its malfunction. At the diagnostic station No. 235 of the Beltekhosmotr Unitary Enterprise it is noted that when passing the state inspection, the noise level of motorcycles is measured and, if it exceeds the permissible norm, the vehicle will not receive a permit for admission to road traffic.

- The permissible noise level is not higher than 96 decibels. True, those whose muffler does not meet the standard know that their bike will not pass the inspection. Therefore, they do not come to the station. The noise level is measured using a special technology. Measurement can take place both outdoors and indoors. We take three measurements with a sound level meter and rely on the highest value. By the way, the higher the number of revolutions in the engine, the louder the motorcycle will go. Even if it passed our test, at high speed the bike can give out a high volume. But if the forward flow is modified, then at a low speed the motorcycle will hum very strongly, said Viktor Budrevich, head of diagnostic station No. 235 of Beltekhosmotr UE.

For a better understanding, we present the noise intensity of other mechanisms. For example, a helicopter makes a noise with an intensity of 110 decibels, a jackhammer at a distance of 1 meter - 120 decibels.

Blitz survey

– My family and I live on Tomina Street, and the noise of motorcycles disturbs us. When the motorcycle rushes by, the hum is terrible. If it's hot, of course, the vents are open. The child immediately reacts, wakes up, and if not, then twitches in a dream. In summer, especially in hot weather, this problem is very urgent. And it’s not just about the child. Both me and my husband are also unpleasant when at night such a roar is heard abruptly, said Victoria Shilova.

– Motorcycles do not bother me or my family. He who wants to sleep is asleep. I do not see a problem in this. I live on YankaKupala Avenue, on the second floor, the windows overlook the road. I am not blown up at night. Maybe bikers ride, but we are fast asleep and do not hear, - shared Anna Smola.

– As for me, night racing is disrespect for other people. If you want adrenaline - go outside the city. Moreover, it is dangerous to rush at such high speeds in the city. Even at night - all the same, taxis drive, and young people walk. So it's not only about the noise, but also about safety, said Karl Karlyev.

 Motorcyclists don't bother me to sleep. Other worries. I would like bikers to follow the Rules of the Road more thoroughly. We did not cut off both public transport and private ones. And we didn't drive that fast in the city. Okay on the track, but rush in the traffic! After all, the consequences of accidents with motorcyclists are often very serious, - said Marina Kulik.

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