Caramel scorpions. How woman from Grodnocreates a business on sweets

Even the predatory inhabitant of the desert can be eaten with pleasure if it is Anna Bogdevich's favorite sweet crafts.


Capricious material
Working with caramel is not easy. Small parts freeze very quickly, you need to catch the moment while you can fashion a figure out of it. And sweet material is hot, even through the gloves felt. But these feelings fade before the beauty of the finished composition.


Before making caramel, she experimented with cold porcelain, polymer clay, mastic and papier-mâché. At some point, decided to switch to the sweet stuff. She worked on the recipe for a long time so that the products were resistant to climate change and, of course, were delicious, because all the works you can eat.


The best gift is sweet
Most often she bought flowers. She needs to know to whom the gift will be addressed, because only in this case will be a unique work.

–- We ordered a gift for the border guard. The result was a whole mini-scene about the border guard on patrol. And the plot is based on a real case about which friends of the birthday man told. Recently, a man ordered a car for a friend and took it to Germany, says the artist.

One of Anna's favorite topics is scorpions. Recently people often ordered scorpions. Before capturing the desert inhabitant in caramel, the craftswoman studied in detail its structure so that each foot was in place. This principle works with any other form. Recently, by the New Year, she was ordered to make a combine, the artist gladly took up this order.


Christmas trees, snowflakes, snowmen
The composition of the caramel usual: sugar, citric acid, maltose caramel treacle, for colored products - food coloring. Storage conditions are simple: the temperature is not higher than 20 ° C, the humidity is not more than 70 percent.  


If these parameters are observed, the caramel can be stored for up to half a year depending on the package. By the way, you should not put the product in the refrigerator. The fact is that after it, the caramel composition, once again in the room, will quickly melt.

- First of all, for children and those who are allergic, there is a line of caramel without additives and dyes. Usually these are small candies on sticks, they are bought in batches of 20-30 pieces, but if there is a desire, you can also make a complex composition. Soon toffee and salted caramel will be on sale. The New Year is near, so there will be a lot of Christmas trees, snowflakes, snowmen. I will blow Christmas decorations, says Anna.


Dream of own store
Previously, Anna cooked a pound of caramel. Now the scale of production has increased tenfold. The craftswoman dreams of her own store, but for now she is glad that the opportunity to trade in the market has appeared.


- Decree No. 7 opened the door for many, it became much easier to realize yourself as an entrepreneur. Now I can safely come to the market, decompose products. After all, this is a kind of mini-exhibition, photography still can not convey all the colors of the compositions. People come up, are interested. Some travel specially, even from afar. I am pleased that, in addition to my main job, I have a hobby that brings not only pleasure, the interlocutor says.


You can contact Anna by phone - 8029-86-90-261, as well as through social networks: Instagram, VKontakte, Odnoklassniki, Facebook; just enter “Exclusive caramel gifts” in the search.
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