Combine driver from Grodno region is the first who thrashed a thousand tons of grain in the Republic

Combine driver from Grodno region is the first who thrashed a thousand tons of grain in the Republic

On the morning of 16th of July Andrei Rosenik from a PC named after Kremko on the Leksion-770 combine thrashed one thousand tons of grain and 200 tons of rapeseed.

Ivan Olizarovich, the chairman of the regional organization of the Belarusian trade union of workers in the agro-industrial complex, Stanislav Vintskevich, the deputy chairman of the PC named after Kremko arrived to congratulate the combine operator.


Ivan Stanislavovich awarded the first in the region combine driver who thrashed 1000 tons with one hundred rubles and wished to become the winner according to the results of the harvest and take part in the regional "Dazhynki", which will be held in Smorgon. Andrei Genrikhovich promised not to fail, because the harvest in the fields is good. Wheat, which harvests Andrew, gives 80 quintals per hectare.

Andrei Genrikhovich more than once accepted congratulations on output of graim. The current harvest is the fourteenth for him.

- The farm has all the conditions - just work. Good technique, lunch is on schedule. Everything is done to facilitate the work of the participants of the harvest. After all, there is a lot of work. Now and until 11 o'clock of the evening I linger in the field. We try to use every bright day to the fullest, says the grain grower.

Harvesting began on 25th of June. This is the earliest star for the past five harvestings. Last year, for example, harvesting started on 2nd of July. We started harvesting with winter barley, which yielded 91 centners per hectare. And this is not surprising - traditionally, high yields are traditionally obtained in the PC named Kremko.

The technology works, which has been polished for years and maintained at the highest level, reveals secrets. Stanislav Vintskevich The management of the farm does not spare funds for fertilizers, means of protection and high-performance equipment, which allows to perform all the work on time and with the best quality. We use productive varieties for planting.


And, of course, a large role is played by highly qualified specialists, without which no agricultural production can function fully.

The farm will have to remove cereals and leguminous crops on an area of 3.1 thousand hectares. Already removed more than 20 percent of these areas. The average yield is about 75 centners per hectare. In the first place cleaned burnt and lodged areas. Therefore, the yield at the end of the harvest expect higher - at least 80 centners per hectare.


323 thousand hectares of grain and leguminous crops and almost 53 thousand hectares of rapeseed in total are to be harvested in the region. All areas, except Ivie, completed harvesting of winter barley. 41.1 centners per hectare of this crop in total were obtained in the region. 65 percent of winter rapeseed was harvested.

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