"Develop, realize yourself and calmly raise children." Grodno residents on Independence Day about the holiday, beloved city and pride in the country

"Develop, realize yourself and calmly raise children." Grodno residents on Independence Day about the holiday, beloved city and pride in the country

Independence Day, as the Grodno residents themselves say, is a holiday when you feel especially joyful: people around are smiling, happy and welcoming. Perforce, you begin to feel pride: for the country, for history, for what has been done. Today the townspeople told why Independence Day is important for them, why they love their city and country, what they are especially proud of and why they feel happy people.

Tatyana Shadskaya:

–Traditional laying of flowers in memory of those who died during the Great Patriotic War on this day is a touching moment, with deep meaning. I want to be part of it. At such moments, you feel pride for your country - peaceful, calm. I have a wonderful family, home, work. There is an opportunity to realize oneself, develop, calmly raise and raise children. I feel like a happy person who has everything: the support of relatives, friends, colleagues, the management of the company where I work. You just need to go forward, move, develop in step with our society, root for your country, for a common cause. And then we will certainly remain a prosperous, strong and independent Belarus.

Dmitry Budilovich:

- Independence Day reminds us all that we live in a free and peaceful country. I think that youth today has everything that is needed to achieve success in life, you just need to be able to take advantage of the opportunities that society provides. Young guys, active, talented, purposeful, can confidently face the future today. Young people have the opportunity to get a good education, to study for free. At the university everyone can prove himself to everyone, all doors are open - in science, in creativity, in search of his place in life. There are those who you can rely on, who will always support - teachers, mentors. I want to justify their hopes and invested efforts, to do a lot of good and useful things in life.

Olga Furman:

- For many years I have been dancing in the ensemble. Independence Day for me is always a bright colorful holiday in which I participate, delighting the audience from the stage. Despite a large number of difficulties, our country was able to gain independence. It is especially symbolic that we celebrate this holiday on 3th of July - the day when the capital is liberated from fascist invaders. This holiday is a gratitude of the young generation for the strength and courage to the elder, a reminder that our people are brave, courageous, strong. Young people today have the most important thing - access to knowledge, education and the opportunity to choose. I study at the Faculty of Engineering and Technology at an agricultural university, and I have many plans: to get a diploma, get a job. In this regard, I am glad that we have a distribution, because in my specialty without experience it is very difficult to find a job yourself.

Andrey Petruk:

- Today in the city there are many happy, satisfied people: young families with children, couples in love, youth. Everyone celebrates, enjoy life. I myself work in the field of culture: I organize regional and republican events. I want to say that everything is yet to come - so many plans, projects, events! The culture of our region is very different: we have preserved a lot, we are reviving a lot. In the region, as nowhere else, folk traditions of weaving are developed. We take care of the intangible cultural heritage, actively revive the architectural pearls of the Grodno region - monuments of a long history. And as a cultural worker, I am especially proud that in our country people with such trepidation regard the cultural and historical heritage.

Vera Kashtelyan:

- I heard on the radio that today, in honor of the holiday, an exclusive woven tapestry made by talented Grodno craftsmen will be presented in Grodno. Came specially to see, get acquainted with the authors. Independence Day is one of those holidays when you feel somehow in a special way joyfully, freely. In 1966 I left Grodno, and when I returned many years later, I saw a completely different city - blooming, beautiful. So much has changed here! Who comes to visit us does not get tired of admiring how beautiful and clean it is. Much has been done for the city, especially in recent years. Roads, buildings are being put in order, a lot of new things are appearing. It warms the soul.

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