Doctor's round every 4 hours and a course of correct breathing. How Grodno Regional Hospital of Medical Rehabilitation Switched to Covid Treatment

Doctor's round every 4 hours and a course of correct breathing. How Grodno Regional Hospital of Medical Rehabilitation Switched to Covid Treatment

Elena Petyukevich is the Head of the Department of Medical Rehabilitation of Cardiological Patients.

Traditionally, she took for the treatment of those who have suffered myocardial infarction and heart surgery, for which rehabilitation is considered an important stage on the way to returning to a full life. Today the doctor has a different profile - pneumonia caused by coronavirus. At the beginning of the watch, she puts on a protective suit, puts on a mask, two pairs of gloves, shoe covers and, passing through the airlocks, enters the red zone.


-As soon as it was required, two more doctors of our department changed their profiles with me, says Elena Vasilievna. - In the spring we went through training: listened to lectures, participated in online conferences. In the middle of summer, they returned to normal, but now they put on high protection suits again. Of course, there is no longer that uncertainty with the virus itself, there is experience, knowledge, clear recommendations for treatment through the Ministry of Health. But the coronavirus itself, unfortunately, has not gone away, people continue to get sick, and hospital treatment is shown to many.


Since mid-September, 170 therapeutic beds began to work in the regional hospital of medical rehabilitation for Covid, and by the end of the month - the entire medical institution. The spring "control" was carried out successfully, because the clinic was the first to be entrusted with a complete re-profiling, when the virus in the regional center made an autumn offensive attempt.

-Unlike spring, there is no need to urgently resolve organizational issues, says chief physician Valery Endzhievsky. - There is work experience, trained personnel, experience in treatment. Zones, gateways - all this was preserved, and therefore the re-profiling of the hospital was done quickly and efficiently. We replenished stocks of personal protective equipment for medical workers. Nobody needs to be taught how to use them correctly, how not to risk their health in the red zone.


Moreover, the spring experience served as a hint in the organization of a number of therapeutic innovations. For example, now teams of doctors, including narrow specialists, are working the night shift. Patient visits - every four hours. Control over everyone in all parameters, primarily the oxygen content in the blood. The clinic has more than sixty oxygen supply points. Already at the stage of the emergency room upon admission of patients, it is determined who needs oxygen therapy. And then - according to the patient's condition.

Physiotherapy is not indicated for fever patients. But as soon as the numbers on the thermometer return to normal and the attending physician determines the indications, a physiotherapist with portable devices comes directly to the ward. But everyone needs a physical therapy instructor: the science of breathing correctly is important at all stages of treatment. In order to make more use of the pron-position necessary for covid patients, and to lie on their stomachs was not so tiring for them, the hospital purchased special pillows. Drug regimens have been developed and securely provided.


Of course, it is much more difficult for doctors during a pandemic than usual. For several hours they have to work in protective equipment, as before, there are risks to their own health. But they are doing everything possible for the benefit of human health, for which the virus poses an increased threat.

Lyudmila Konstantinovna from Grodno, who is undergoing treatment in a medical rehabilitation hospital, spoke to us about the dedication and high responsibility of doctors for the health of patients.

- There are no words to express my deep gratitude to all the medical staff and especially the attending physician Inna Antonovna Kardash. My roommates and I are simply delighted with the organization of work in the hospital and the attitude of doctors and nurses towards us! - notes Lyudmila Konstantinovna. At first, I was treated at home for a week, I was afraid to go to the hospital, but when it got really bad, I didn't even wait for the ambulance. I want to advise everyone: if it is indicated to be treated in a hospital, do not refuse. And take care of yourself! If Grodno residents listened to the advice on protection from coronavirus and did not show carelessness, there would be much less people in hospital wards, and the burden on doctors would not be so high.


Everyone with whom I had a chance to communicate in the hospital unanimously advised the residents of Grodno to take care of themselves. Today, protective measures such as distancing, handling hands and masks in crowded places are relevant and, as practice shows, effective. Taking care of our own health, putting protection against a dangerous virus, in this way we will help not only ourselves, but also our doctors, who are again at the forefront today.

 By the way

According to the head health department of the regional executive committee, the regional hospitals are trying to preserve the volume of planned medical care as much as possible. Most of them work in a mixed mode: there is a special department for coronavirus patients.


The regional health department is constantly monitoring the situation with personal protective equipment. Stocks have been created, as well as a delivery schedule has been worked out, which will meet the needs of medical institutions and the population, taking into account the intensive consumption observed last spring.

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