Films about the war were shot here. Abandoned buildings revive in the historical part of Grodno

Films about the war were shot here. Abandoned buildings revive in the historical part of Grodno

The renovation on Uritsky street

Investor ChSUP “GrodnoLeasing” recreates an object on this street included in the State List of Historical and Cultural Values of the Republic of Belarus. The house was in disrepair, so workers had to dismantle it in bricks and take it to a landfill. Only after the permits received from the Ministry of Culture of Belarus, the investor was given the right to restore this house at number 23 according to the appearance of previous years.

Урицкого 21 и 23 проект.jpg

Work at the facility began in May of this year and should be completed after 14 months. But today it’s already evident that on the street where films about the war were shot, it will be possible to shoot other subjects.

The house at number 21 also fell into the building reconstruction block along Uritsky Street. It will be restored by the Roscentrkom 2018 ChSUP. Alexey Radchenko, as its representative, assured, the development of project documentation for the reconstruction of the building for a multifunctional facility is under way, and an agreement has been concluded with the Grodnograzhdanproekt Institute for scientific management during the work.

Урицкого 21 проект.jpgУрицкого 23.jpg

As a result, after the reconstruction of the former residential buildings Nos. 19, 21, 23 under the commercial and administrative facilities along Uritsky Street with the coordination of the development of the site along the neighboring Kalyuchinskaya Street, where the Provincial Cafe has already been built, the concept of reviving this corner of the historical part of Grodno is taken as the basis .

New building in the wasteland

Recently more and more investors have been attracted by Bolshaya Troitskaya Street. Bank branches, small hotels, cafes with cuisines of various countries of Europe are opened here, in a word, objects attractive for tourists.

Б Троицкая между 7 и 11 проект.jpgБ Троицкая между 7 и 11.jpg

The Grodno investor bought at the city auction a piece of land formed after the demolition of the emergency housing between houses No. 7 and No. 11. According to the terms of the sale, he said that he would build an administrative and commercial facility.

- In a certain sense, the new building will imitate the historical building of this street, in another way it will show its modern appearance, told “GP” Olga Boreyko, the chief architect of Grodno. It will be a harmonious combination of the old and the new with the reconstruction of the perimeter of the quarter.

М Троицкая 6 проект.jpgМ Троицкая 6.jpg

By Nikolay Shlik

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