From Grodno by plane to another continent. What are the prospects for the Grodno airport

Grodno Airport, which received international status a quarter of a century ago, has been operating flights to Egypt since October.

In the office of Anatoly Kuprashevich, the head of the Grodno branch State Enterprise Belaeronavigatsiya you can find out which planes are flying in the sky of Grodno. You can see everything on the computer screen. The Stockholm – Istanbul board has just flown by, which in the Grodno zone is “led” by the airport’s airfield service. By the way, there are many air routes from Scandinavia to Western Europe and even to North America through the Grodno region. All of them receive support, they are in the flight tracking area.

Were there crash landings at the airport of international borders? It turns out that large and small planes were forced to land at Obukhovo.


Anatoly Kuprashevich knows everything about the Grodno sky. Forty years ago, a graduate of a flight school, having abandoned his career in a Moscow airport, returned to his hometown. He recalls the old airport near the village of Karolino, which served flights to Minsk, Moscow, Kiev or the Crimea on AN-24 airplanes from the early 60s to the middle of 1982. It was here that began the work biography of Anatoly Kuprashevich.

In 1983, the new Grodno airport was opened near the village of Obukhovo and the M6 motorway. The length of its runway is more than 2.5 kilometers, which allows aircraft to take a maximum take-off weight of 191 tons. It means that not only Boeings, but also Airbuses can land at the airport.

After 10 years from the date of opening, the Grodno airport was granted international status. It has customs, border and sanitary control services, has a network of customs and commercial warehouses and the conditions for processing, storage and shipment of goods by air, road or rail.



Last year, the Grodno airport handled almost 10 thousand passengers, from the beginning of this year - more than seven thousand. Only so-called resort flights made about 50. Grodno had the opportunity to fly to rest in Bulgaria, Turkey and Montenegro.

Now Belaeronavigatsiya is considering the possibility of organizing regular flights from Grodno to Warsaw, Moscow, St. Petersburg, and in summer to Sochi.

The opening of charter flights to Egypt was on 8 of October. 70 percent of tickets for the first flight have already been bought.


He is being forced to receive and send unscheduled aircraft with athletes flying to international matches and arriving in Grodno to fight with our sports teams. Such flights were to the Czech Republic, Switzerland. Also in the Grodno airport landing airlines aircraft carrying perishable goods, air ambulance. Servicing such aircraft brings good profit to the airline, allowing it to operate without loss.


The state-owned enterprise Belaeronavigatsiya has developed a concept for the development of regional airports, which has been approved by the Ministry of Transport and Communications. It is planned to reconstruct the coatings of the artificial runway at the Grodno airport, in 2019-2020. Also provides for the replacement of the course-glide system

The construction of the terminal is not completed. It is waiting for an investor. It would be appropriate to create a logistics center here, because the international highway M6 and the railway line are nearby.


In August, a republican seminar “Development and attractiveness of regional airports” was held in Grodno. Ivan Gerlovsky, Deputy Director General of Belaeronavigatsiya, said at the time that negotiations were underway with the leadership of Polish companies LOT and SprintAir to open regular and charter flights through the airports of Brest and Grodno under the program of visa-free visits to these regions by tourists from Israel.

Israel is interested in opening commercial flights to Grodno for two reasons. In August of last year, the regional executive committee and an investor from Israel, whose interests are represented by the open joint-stock company Or Meir in Minsk, concluded an investment agreement on the construction of a hotel and tourist complex in Radun. Jews from all over the world come to this district center to worship the grave of Hafets Chaim, the outstanding rabbi. In recent years, the number of pilgrims has been increasing, including from the USA. They are interested in a quick flight, because the road takes much more time than the stay in Radun itself. Therefore, the most convenient for them will be a commercial flight of the aircraft.

Lithuanian and German representatives at a seminar in August expressed a unanimous opinion: Grodno Airport is an excellent platform for low-cost airlines. Airlines such as Wizz, AirRyanair, are interested in flying to cities where business and tourism are actively developing. Grodno airport in this regard is suitable in all respects. In addition, in Grodno, you can attract tourists who fly from Lithuania and Poland.



If waiting for a low-cost airline at the Grodno airport is a matter of time, then you can rely on business aviation today. One of the companies that operates on the Belarusian market- CJSC Bysky, offers a full range of services for organizing air transportation for personal or corporate purposes. Proposals are considered at the Grodno airport. The company promises maximum quality and confidentiality, service of the highest level and the possibility of organizing flights on individual and complex routes in a limited time. The fleet of this company consists of the new Swiss Pilataus PS-12NG. As part of the presentation, the flight of this aircraft from the Grodno airport took place. A cooperation agreement was signed between the State Association "Belaeronavigatsia" and CJSC BySky Airlines.
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