From the club to the Palace. The reconstruction of the former Palace of Culture of textile workers in Grodno will begin in spring

 From the club to the Palace. The reconstruction of the former Palace of Culture of textile workers in Grodno will begin in spring

The former club of the fine-machinery plant is experiencing a rebirth. It was built in the 50s of the last century. In 1955 the government decided to eliminate the excesses in architecture. Therefore, the initial draft of the Grodno new building had to be changed. As a result, the main facade of the building, which overlooked Soviet Square, has changed. It was decided to remove the balconies and simplify the cornices. But the facade that goes to the House of Services is preserved. Some Grodno residents still mistakenly perceive it as the main entrance.

The building served people for more than half a century, but required a major renovation. The current Palace of Culture of Grodno is included in the regional investment program. Andrey Zhuk, as the first deputy chairman of the Grodno city executive committee, said, the funds will be used to replace the roof of the building and the wooden floors of the floors with monolithic reinforced concrete. The facades can be started. The basis for the project of reconstruction of the palace, made by the Institute "Grodnograzhdanproekt" back in 2013. But he still has to undergo a re-examination.


We talked to Stanislav Moroz, the head of the design workshop No. 3 of the Grodnograzhdanproekt institute. He said that the newlyweds will be registered in the wing of the renovated palace.
The ground floor will house an office for business meetings with access to the courtyard. It provides a multifunctional room for 35 people. There can be various meetings, exhibitions and celebrations. A significant area is reserved for a cafe and a bar with 12 seats. Stairs to the second and third floors will be updated. On the second floor, another multi-purpose hall with an area of 270 square meters and a capacity of about 200 people, an administrative block, rooms for various circles, a stage are designed. On the third floor there will be a directing and photo studios, a recording studio.


The beginning of the reconstruction work of the building is planned in April. Their completion is scheduled for 2020 to the Republican Festival of National Cultures.

In the pictures: the interiors of the palace will look like this after reconstruction.

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