Grodno dentistry: a tooth under a microscope, with a composer and in a 3D model. We tell about the dental service of the region

Grodno dentistry: a tooth under a microscope, with a composer and in a 3D model. We tell about the dental service of the region

At the end of last year the development of a medical assignment for the creation of the center began.

Perhaps there is no adult who has not been to the dentist at least once in his life. As a rule, such a trip does not tolerate long delays, and therefore it is so important to get dental care, as they say, in the right place and at the right time. Residents of Grodno region have the opportunity to receive it both in state organizations and in private departments and offices. The advantage of state dentistry is that, providing all types of dental care, it is ready to help a person for free or at an affordable price.

In the region, patients are treated by large dental clinics in Grodno with two branches, as well as in Lida and Volkovysk. In other regional centers there are dental departments in polyclinics. There are dental offices in regional and district hospitals. The offices of a number of enterprises, such as JSC "Grodno Azot", "Grodnozhilstroy", "Lakokraska" in Lida and others, have survived and are still operating. In the most difficult cases we are ready to help in the Grodno University Clinic, where there is a department of maxillofacial surgery. Dentists of the main clinic of the region are on duty for emergency care and are ready to receive patients from all districts. In addition, in Grodno, surgery and therapy with the prefix "emergency" at the reception until 23.00 in one of the duty dental clinics according to the schedule. In the districts, you can call the dentist on duty at home.

Dentistry of non-state form of ownership includes 102 departments and offices, which also work throughout the region. The number of visits to private practitioners accounted for 12 percent of all visits to public dentists.


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The number of visits to dentists has been increasing over the last five years. An exception is the past year, when due to the situation with the coronavirus, this figure slightly decreased. However, not much, which once again confirms the importance of our service for people, says Oksana Korzun, chief physician of the Grodno central dental clinic, chief freelance specialist of the main health department of the regional executive committee for dentistry. At the same time we must pay tribute to our colleagues: since March of last year we have been working in a high-risk area. After all, dentists are those specialists who work with the patient in close contact. Observing all safety measures, we provided people with the help they needed.

True, due to fears of the coronavirus, many patients delayed to the last. Hence the growth of primary therapeutic approaches, and the number of visits by one patient per one filling - that is, to completely eliminate the problem. The help "with home delivery", which used to be in practice for the disabled and bedridden patients, was used much more often.

According to Oksana Korzun, almost twelve thousand operations were performed over the past year by dental surgeons. Surgical dental care is differentiated in all districts of the region. In Grodno, Volkovysk, Smorgon and Astravets, dental implantation operations are carried out, which are also more and more every year.

Orthodontic care is close to the patient, which is provided in Grodno, Lida, Volkovysk, Smorgon, Ostrovets, Slonim. Each orthodontist has produced on average about three thousand devices per year. And from one orthopedist, an average of more than 250 people received prostheses. At the same time, in the total volume of prosthetics, the number of modern prostheses has increased: clasp and solid.


The provision of dental services is constantly being improved. Modern materials and equipment are purchased and used, advanced technologies are being introduced. And this was highly appreciated not only by residents of the region, but also by other countries. Exports of dental services before the border closure due to coronavirus grew from year to year, and the year before last, services were provided in the amount of $ 34.9. Mostly foreigners are interested in implantation followed by prosthetics. Diagnostic procedures, treatment of periodontal diseases, whitening are popular.

- Recently we have introduced many innovations. We treat teeth under a microscope, we successfully use the compositing technique, which can be used to eliminate any tooth defect, and modern bleaching technology, which will allow you to have a snow-white smile, Oksana Korzun lists innovations in therapeutic dentistry.

Interested in: what is a composer? It turns out to be a small onlay made of an original composite - an ultramodern nano-material imitating tooth enamel, homogeneous, beautiful and durable. A new kind of aesthetic reconstruction system is being applied to the anterior teeth. BEYOND Polus whitening is very effective. True, the chief dentist of the regional center has some advice: to carry out the procedure only after consulting a dentist. Otherwise, it may happen that bleaching errors have to be corrected by an orthopedic dentist.

It is hardly worth telling in detail about implantation today - people know and actively use modern technology. In addition, Grodno specialists have mastered bone grafting and are successfully performing bone augmentation operations. Moreover, a procedure of two types is possible, both horizontal and vertical.

In prosthetics, not only the well-known cermets are now in use, but also metal-free constructions. The polymer composite is intended for long-term BioHPP dental prosthetics. Thanks to the new equipment, the manufacture of dentures by injection molding has also been improved.

And a hint for doctors is given by a modern cone-beam computed tomography (CBCT) in Grodno, which now works in two shifts, and modern digital X-ray machines, which have almost completely replaced the previous technology in the region.


With cartoons and under anesthesia

A huge layer of dentists' work is prevention. This is especially true in childhood, when the foundation of dental care for life is laid. At the same time, care for children is also organized at the level taking into account modern trends in dentistry. In the regional center, the younger generation is served by a specialized polyclinic - a branch of the Central City Hospital. Children from all over the region are also sent here for consultation. In the districts, dentists are trained to guide appointments for both adults and children. In a number of schools, there are dental health centers, where there are also modern installations and filling materials.

For the most fearful in the clinic there are specially equipped rooms for a paid admission, where you can even watch cartoons on TV so that the children are distracted and not afraid of treatment. And if this does not work, then there is the possibility of treatment under anesthesia. True, for this you will have to go to the regional children's hospital.

The latest novelty in pediatric dentistry is braces. Moreover, you can use it without waiting for the replacement of teeth. For example, if a new tooth is cramped in the dentition. A number of tasks can be solved with the help of a partial bracket system: to expand the dentition, remove the tooth from the reverse overlap and even perfectly align the teeth.


In the concept of development of the state dental service of the Grodno region for the near future, the main directions of its improvement are determined. First of all, equipping with modern equipment. At the same time, the emphasis is on the use of digital technologies. The regional executive committee allocated funds and in the near future a digital 3D-visualization complex will appear in the arsenal of dentists. This will be a completely new technology for treatment and prosthetics "one visit". After obtaining a digital impression (no impression materials are needed!), Modeling of the future structure in 3D will follow, then its production - milling and finally final processing and fixation. Fast, economical, and most importantly - ultra-precise!

According to the same concept, it is planned to create a regional dental center in Grodno, similar to those working in cardiology, perinatal care and other departments of medicine. It includes the most modern equipment in the therapeutic, surgical, orthopedic, orthodontic departments, modern high-level diagnostics and a dental laboratory. Adults and young patients from all over the region will be assisted in difficult cases, they will introduce treatment under anesthesia and all kinds of digital technologies of today and tomorrow. In addition, dentists from all over the region will be able to learn new technologies here.

At the end of last year the development of a medical assignment for the creation of the center began. The issue of using the building on Titov Street, which was previously occupied by the bank, was considered. However, this option was ultimately considered inappropriate. Health care facilities must comply with certain standards, sanitary and epidemiological and design requirements. Large-scale redevelopment of a used building will cost more than new construction. Now the city executive committee is working on the issue of allocating a site for the construction of a new building of the dental center, which will take into account not only all the design nuances and requirements, but also the prospects for the development of the dental service.

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Lyudmila KEDA, head of the main health department of the regional executive committee:


- The dental center will not be built because the inhabitants of the region are somehow limited in the treatment or prosthetics of teeth. The availability of all types of dental care in the Grodno region is ensured. We are talking about its further improvement, the introduction of new modern technologies and equipment, accessibility for people and at the same time the rational use of resources. This is done primarily in the interests of the region's residents. The center will provide highly qualified, high-quality assistance to residents of the Grodno region in the most difficult cases, receiving a set of necessary services within the walls of one institution. At the same time, dentistry will receive additional opportunities for the development of the export of services that are in demand among residents of foreign countries.


Maria BOROVIK, head of the branch "Children's Dental Clinic of Grodno":

"The task of children's dentists is not only to treat, but to teach children how to properly care for their teeth."

– In the children's stamotological clinic in Grodno, I had an internship at one time, and it was an invaluable experience, because in Dyatlovo, where I worked for ten years after graduation, I had a chance to treat both adults and children. Children, especially young children, are special patients. Some boldly sit in the dentist's chair, others need to be convinced, interested. Here I have fairy tales and various instructive stories in reserve. About worms: they need to be driven out of the tooth so that it is strong, about sweets that strive to hurt the tooth ... True, although rarely, there are such stubborn people that neither funny stories, nor even an offer to choose a colored seal with taste your favorite fruit cannot be convinced. By the way, “tasty” fillings are our distraction invention, but the color of the filling material can really be different. But if, as a result of all the persuasion, the child does not give in, then we offer the parents treatment under anesthesia and send them to the regional children's hospital.

There are more than eighty thousand children from the regional center and the Grodno region in the service area of ​​the polyclinic. Young patients from all over the region seek treatment advice. But the task of children's dentists is not only to treat, but above all to teach children to constantly and properly care for their teeth. We also work with parents: to instill in children the rules of hygiene, so that they notice and turn to doctors in time for malocclusion and other dentoalveolar anomalies. In the treatment, orthodontic plates are used, and more recently we have been offering a partial brace system or a 2 * 4 system.

Victoria KARDIS, dentist-therapist of the branch "Dental polyclinic No. 1 of Grodno":

"Each case is a kind of competition where you need to show yourself to the maximum."

Виктория Владимировна, жена племянника Андрея Кардиса.jpg
One of the most significant events in seven years of my medical biography was my participation in the last republican competition of professional skills, in which I took second place. Until last year, when the competition was cancelled due to the coronavirus, such tests were held regularly. First at the regional level, then at the republican level. The tasks are difficult. For example, at one of the practical ones it was necessary not only to put a filling, but to carry out an artistic restoration of the tooth. Another task is the treatment of the channel in a transparent block, when an authoritative jury evaluates each movement of the competitor. I often had to perform such a therapeutic manipulation in my daily work, therefore I did everything as usual at the competition. And the high appraisal of the jury confirmed that I am doing everything right. Figuratively speaking, I set a high bar for myself in my everyday work with patients. Each case is a kind of competition where you need to show yourself to the maximum. Only the assessment here is not collegial, but one patient. Fortunately, now we have modern materials and equipment. For example, the "Vector" apparatus for the treatment of periodontal disease, the rubber dam system to delimit the tooth from the oral cavity during complex treatment, and other innovations.

We arrived in Grodno by distribution together with my husband. We work in one clinic, only he deals with implants. This is a modern trend that helps many people to repair defects in the dentition, chew effectively, and smile beautifully.

By the way, I am not the first of the Grodno dentists to have distinguished themselves at the professional skills competitions held by the Belarusian Dental Association. There were seven contests, and we have 4 victories at the republican stage.


The way a child develops in the womb determines his future health, including dental health. And after the birth of a new person, food and lifestyle come to the fore for all years. Dental health is primarily in our hands, and it will not let you down if we constantly keep a toothbrush in them, and be regularly monitored by the dentist.

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