How a clever house and solar batteries will low utility bills. Grodno power project

How a clever house and solar batteries will low utility bills. Grodno power project

The participants of the international conference "Energy-efficient buildings of XXI century", devoted to 25th anniversary of Energy Efficiency Department creating, have come to our city. A 120-flat house was built on a draft of international technical assistance and was put into operation one year ago.

-Such houses are built in Minsk, Mogilev and Grodno, but the most effective result was achieved in your city, says the representative of UNDP mission John O'Brien. These houses save to 20 per cent of expenses on its maintenance in comparison with ordinary houses. For this reason, the future lies with a new generation of houses. The next energy-efficient building can be built in Novogrudok under the UNDP programme "Green City".


House and water heating is carried out by the work of heat pumps, the usage of solar power, geothermal piles and the central sewer passing nearby. It uses thermal energy 4-8 times less in comparison with ordinary apartment buildings. As Igor Yakimenko, the chairman of HCCC (Housing and Construction Consumer Cooperative), says, 78 gigacalories of heat were used for the heating of this house in December of last year, while 142 gigacalories were used in ordinary house. These measures will be more lower as far as the house will occupy. Now 40 flats are inhabited. The proceeds in HCCC cash register filled up with for 4 thousand rubles only from sales of electricity produced from the work of solar batteries on the house roof and facade.


-Monthly utility bills for our one-room flat is about 40 rubles, in December I paid only 98 kopecks for heating, says Irina, the house resident. Fresh air is always in a flat due to the heat recovery system of the house.

The participants of the event were introduced to the work of the insides of the clever house and even they visited its roof. There are a lot of solar batteries.

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