How to start running in the morning? Top easy and effective ways

How to start running in the morning? Top easy and effective ways

Healthy lifestyle is definitely in trend.

Every day doing sports is becoming more popular and more diverse. Crossfit, pilates, strength and cardio workouts, running ... As a bonus for those who decided to do sports, trainers also offer individual training, and select a comfortable time, and calculate the load. In general, take and act.

However, many people prefer just running instead of complex exercises. Experts say that the advantage of running over other types of exercises is great. Firstly, it has a positive effect on the cardiovascular system. Secondly, running increases and tempers the immune system, improves skin tone and speeds up the metabolism in the body. Thirdly, running classes are more economical than going to the gym (especially if you have classes with an individual trainer - this almost doubles the cost of a subscription). And fourthly, jogging helps to lose weight and prevent the formation of cellulite.


So how do you start running in the morning if you have never done it. We give simple and effective tips. But, before you independently engage in running loads, you should consult a doctor and check your general health. Perhaps this kind of sport is not suitable for you and will harm the body.

1. Get enough sleep.

If you decide to start running in the mornings, you should first change your daily routine. In order to vigorously and early to start training, the day before you should abandon the long parties. A healthy 8-hour sleep has not been cancelled.

2. Early breakfast.

Experts do not recommend running on an empty stomach. However, eating up before an early run is also not worth it. Balance your diet: give up “heavy” food and drink 1-1.5 glasses of water to dilute the blood a little.


3. Warm up first.

Before you start running, do a little training. Knead muscles, joints, stretch, jump. This will help to "turn on" the body. An untrained runner should, on the eve, sketch out a list of exercises for himself so as not to waste time in vain.

4. We are running.

Do not immediately take a high pace. Start with a quick walk, gradually speeding up the pace. Try to run quietly and control your breathing. Keep your speed comfortable. Alternate running with a fast step: on the principle of 1 lap run, then 1-2 lap steps. Then reduce the number of "light" circles, thereby increasing the duration of the run.


Running gear

Choose comfortable clothes that will not restrict movement. For a warm time, a t-shirt, shorts are suitable. In the winter period, warm up - sweatpants, a jacket with a long sleeve, a windbreaker, a hat, gloves. Shoes should be given special attention. To select the first pair, it is best to consult with a specialist. He will help you choose comfortable shoes that will not harm your feet.


Fitness bracelet and fit apps to help

In order to maintain the pulse and rhythm in good shape, you should regularly monitor this. Install applications on a smartphone or buy a fitness bracelet. This will help control the load on the body.

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