Joy and optimism in the lead roles. How the plays are prepared in the studio theatre "Henri"

The roles in the studio theatre "Henri" are played by children with developmental characteristics. The unusual troupe has its own tradition: they leave thoughts about their illnesses behind the scenes. Looking at the young actors during the performance, it seems that in fact all the sicknesses are forgotten. This is what the workers and volunteers of the Red Cross wanted to achieve when they created an inclusive theatre.


" I dreamed about a dress like Ellie's"

Communicating with Karina Nasyptko, you understand why she was given the main role in the play "The Wizard of the Emerald City". A girl with bottomless eyes and an open soul reminds the very Ellie, who magically found herself in a fairy tale. Similarly, Karina feels herself when she dresses up in a beautiful dress of heavenly color and enters the stage. It turns out that this is conditional. Because of congenital health problems, the young actress is difficult to move by herself, the role is played in a special chair or wheelchair, like her partner Christian Miluta, who perfectly got used to the image of the wizard Goodwin.

- The stroller does not bother me. On the contrary, it encourages us to play in such a way that the audience does not notice it. For this I rehearse a lot: alone and together with other actors from the studio theatre. We get together on Fridays. Each of us waits this day all week with impatience, says Karina.


The young actress is assiduously preparing for rehearsal: she studies the text, trains the speech, exercises the movements. Such classes are necessary not only for the main role to be played brilliantly. Working on yourself is an important part of rehabilitation. Positive emotions from communicating with other young actors, performing on stage, applause of the audience have almost the therapeutic effect. And a lot of joy delivers the choice of stage costume!

-I always dreamed about a dresslike Elli’s, it somehow seemed to me blue in the Greek style. My mother and I managed to find something like that. It helps me get used to the role.

Looks aren’t skew, but enthusiastic

Irina Nasyptko is the daughter's partner on the stage. IShe plays plays the role of Totoshka in the production of "The Wizard of the Emerald City". But her main task is to support daughter, to help with the movement during the performance. The way this happens on stage is a small model of their real life. Irina left the work to spend as much time as possible on her daughter. Karina was engaged in vocal and ballroom dances on wheelchairs. Once a week she has a swimming pool, three times a week she visits a fitness room. On Wednesdays it is necessary to have correctional and developing classes in the day center for children with disabilities of the Red Cross. The studio theatre "Henri" takes an important place in the busy schedule of the resilient mother and daughter.

- This is an excellent opportunity for special children to show others that they are no worse than others. Unfortunately, more than once I had to catch a glance at the daughter of passers-by. Some families that raise children with disabilities after this reaction are closed, try to be fewer in public. We strive to place others around us on the contrary, to influence their perception of people with disabilities, says Irina.


Overcoming in the main roles

The troupe of the inclusive theater "Henri" debuted about six months ago on the stage of the regional center of creativity of children and youth. Then there was a great success in Grodno city center of culture on the solemn evening on the occasion of the World Red Cross Day. By the way, the theater is named after Henri Dunant, the founder of the Red Cross movement.

- We had a tradition to give grades with special guys. At first they took up fables, short stories, and then swung at the New Year's theatrical performance. For the first time on the big stage came with the play "The Wizard of the Emerald City", which has already played for many different audiences, says Nina Pochivalova, the specialist of the Red Cross and reveals the secret of the success of the unusual troupe. Children do not make allowances on their health or other circumstances. They are convinced: if you really go on stage, then only to shine. The ability to overcome oneself is very important for children with developmental characteristics.

Alexey Sadovsky, the teacher of theatrical disciplines of the regional center of creativity of children and youth, helps to master the stage skills. On volunteer basis, he is the artistic director of the inclusive theater "Henri".


Children are special, but I teach them the same as healthy guys: own and feel your body, expressively pronounce the text, think figuratively. This science is more complicated for them. The more joyful it is to get the result, says Alexei.

Attention is in the center

The day center for children with disabilities of the Grodno city organization of the Belarusian Red Cross Society, on the basis of which an inclusive theater was created. It is unique for our country. Fifteen children with disabilities attend correction and development classes. There are three groups, each of them engaged one day a week.

- Children draw, mold, play educational games. If the weather permits, they spend time outdoors. They always with great impatience wait for classes on dogotherapy, during which they can play enough with dogs. We organize excursions to museums and around the city, as well as trips to theaters and cinemas, says Inessa Larionova, the head of the day center for children with disabilities of the Grodno city organization of the Belarusian Red Cross Society.

Pupils especially like watching motivational films such as "Going Vertical", "Ice", "Coach", where the main characters go to their goal, overcoming obstacles. Young actors of the inclusive theater very much resemble to these people and could themselves become a prototype of the film about overcoming and optimism.
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