Lida district will become a platform for the filming of a fantastic film

 Lida district will become a platform for the filming of a fantastic film

We are talking about the picture "Adventures of PrantesVyrvich" based on the novel of Lyudmila Rublevskaya. According to the Lida History and Art Museum, according to the arrangements already made with the National Film Studio Belarusfilm, the shooting will take place inside and outside of Lida Castle, the main attraction of the region, for three months: from February to April. However, not continuously, in Lida film crew will come as needed.

-The negotiations were conducted in October, said Anna Nekrashevich, the head of the exposition and exhibition department of the Historical and Art Museum. - Lida was visited by a whole team: scriptwriters, cameramen, stuntmen, - they looked at the sites, recorded something for themselves, drew charts.

Anna Tadeushevna noted that the shooting of the film will be conducted during working, evening or night time, when there are no tourists inside. If necessary, the option of “overlapping” the lock for several hours is also considered.


- It is necessary, including for security reasons: the scenario involves the participation of horses, as well as stunt tricks, explained the expert. By the way, it is possible that in the shooting of the film, in some episodes, the museum staff, the Knights of Lida, firemen, and horses will be local - from the Dvorishchanskaya equestrian school will be involved. But the exact information on the participants will become known already closer to February.

In the outgoing year, Lida Castle became a subject for filming more than once. Republican channels four times filmed programs about travel, one of the leading industrial enterprises of the region filmed here its presentation video.

It is also known that, in addition to the castle, the shooting of a fantasy film in the Lida region will be conducted at the tourist complex “Free Miller” in the agro-town Dvorishche.


The shooting of the fantastic film “PrantesVyrvich’s Adventures” based on the novel by Lyudmila Rublevskaya at the Belarusfilm National Film Studio will begin in January 2019. The actions of the book and, accordingly, the future film unfold in the XVIII century. It turned out that there are not so many entourage places in Belarus where you can make a film about that era. The film crew will have to travel across the country. In addition to Lida, the route is through Bobruisk, Mir and Nesvizh.

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