Lights were turned on the Christmas tree and meeting was held with the fabulous residents of the estate. The season at the estate of Santa Claus was reopened in Grodno

Lights were turned on the Christmas tree and meeting was held with the fabulous residents of the  estate. The season at the estate of Santa Claus was reopened in Grodno

The estate will receive guests until January 6, 2023.

The festive ceremony of the opening of the Ded Moroz Manor took place on 15th December in Grodno. Children from 8 family-type orphanages in Grodno became the first guests of the fairy estate.

At the entrance to the estate children were already greeted by a huge bear and children were shown an exclusive and colorful show by the artists of a unique Brest Theater of Living Sculptures "Larchik". They were able not only to convey children in the atmosphere of wonders, Christmas magic and anticipation of the holiday, but also surprised their young visitors with unusual fireworks.

In addition, the children were entertained with an interesting concert, where the groups of the Grodno City Center of Culture performed. Then they lit the lights on the festive Christmas tree and met with fantastic residents of the estate - Snegurochka and Ded Moroz.

 - How wonderful it is that we have a holiday, the New Year. And such wonderful institutions, people who are willing to create a mood for our kids on New Year's Eve. Of course, each of us is looking forward to this New Year's Eve holiday. The heroes of our fairy tale today will be family-type children's homes, 70 children. And we, the adults, are their wizards, who must work a miracle today. Of course, every one of us, both children and adults, want on New Year's Eve a miracle, a fairy tale and magic to happen. I wish peace, prosperity, health, understanding and love to every family, said Irina Kuroovskaya, Director of Grodno regional branch of the Belarusian Children's Fund.




 Within the charity event "Our Children" Ivan Kolbasko, the chairman of the Grodno regional branch of NGO "Belarusian Peace Foundation", also congratulated the children.

 - On the eve of the New Year, all children expect miracles and gifts. Our friends from the Belarusian Children's Fund suggested organizing a Christmas tree for the children who are particularly looking forward to these gifts. Of course, we could not refuse this proposal. And today, as DedMoroz and Snegurochka, we will be giving presents to children not only here, but all over the region. The Belarusian Peace Foundation is very active in the "Our Children" campaign. These are not only sweet gifts for children, but also equipment for educational institutions. We collect and spend a lot of money for this campaign, says Ivan Kolbasko.


 In the estate visitors can buy unusual handmade lollipops and cakes, souvenirs from artisans, take part in creation of New Year attributes, and also treat themselves to hot tea and play in a win-win lottery. Besides, everyone will be able to take part in holiday round dances and entertaining interactive games, travel around the estate, talk to Ded Moroz and Snegurochka and send a letter to the main DedMoroz of the country.

 Guests will be received at the estate until January 6, 2023 at Reimonta Street, 12. It will work be like last year, by appointment.






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