Medals of the II European Games, coated with nanodiamonds, were presented in Mir Castle

 Medals of the II European Games, coated with nanodiamonds, were presented in Mir Castle

Prize awards were showed one month before the start of a sports competition.

The presentation of award and commemorative medals of the upcoming multisport forum went in the castle complex "Mir", which met the torch of fire "Flame of Peace".


- We are proud and glad that today's event is taking place in such a landmark place for our country and in general for the European continent. Our goal is to make the Games the brightest event primarily for the residents of the republic and the most visible on the European continent, said George Katulin, Director of the Foundation of Directorate of II European Games of 2019. Honoring the winners of competitions from the time of the ancient Olympic Games was a very important part of the entire ceremonial of competitions. And the first award that the Olympic champion was honoring was a wreath of olive wood. Today it is their awards.


How will look the medals of the European Games, were shown in the castle. The design of the awards was developed by the creators of the overall brand concept of the European Games of 2019 - the company Brama Branding. And the magic fern flower “Paparats Kvetka” is reflected in it the main symbol of the Games

f we talk about the shape of the medals, they are classic round. Inside - a radiant element with fuzzy outlines, resembling the sun on a bright summer day. And this in itself is symbolic: it is in June, the hot summer month, that the II European Games will be held in Belarus. A mild form without sharp corners as if personifies the features of the Belarusian people: softness, cordiality, friendliness. The diameter of the medals is also symbolic - 9.5 centimeters, which reminds of 9.5 million people in Belarus.

The medal case made from natural wood is also original, which reminds of traditional Belarusian crafts.

The use of diamonds has become a real developer know-how. The body of the medals is made of a special alloy. It is called tompak. Also used precious metals such as gold, silver and bronze in accordance with the dignity of the medals. But their coverage is unique. Nanodiamonds are used - approximately a quadrillion, or 10 to 15 degrees for each individual coin of the highest test. Nanodiamonds are the development of Belarusian scientists, which adds strength to the coating. This has never been done in Europe.





In addition to the medals, the winners of the Games will be also awarded with bouquets symbolized by Paparats Kvetka. The flower, which, as they say, fulfills the most cherished dreams, will be found, or rather, will be extracted in a fair fight bythe winners of the II European Games

In total, 4000 athletes from 50 countries will compete for 200 sets of awards in 15 sports during the competition. 1084 medals will be produced for the Games: 329 gold and silver, as well as 426 bronze medals, because several people participate in Games and become winners, and two bronze medals are being awarded.

Memorabilia will be madein addition to award medals. They will be awarded to all participants of the II European Games and officials of the sport delegations of the countries. They will be a smaller copy of the awards of the winners of the competition.

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