Millions of dollars of foreign investment and salary growth. The tasks of socio-economic development and the draft regional budget for 2020 were discussed at a meeting of the regional executive committee

Millions of dollars of foreign investment and salary growth. The tasks of socio-economic development and the draft regional budget for 2020 were discussed at a meeting of the regional executive committee

How to achieve projected indicators in industry and agriculture, increase salaries in the region and effectively allocate budget money - these and other issues were discussed at a meeting of the regional executive committee.

The assistant to the President - Inspector for Grodno Region Ivan Lavrinovich, deputies of the House of Representatives of the seventh convocation of the National Assembly of the Republic of Belarus took part in the meeting, which examined the tasks of socio-economic development and the draft regional budget for 2020.

- Some of the numbers are quite tense, said Vladimir Kravtsov, chairman of the regional executive committee. It will not be easy to achieve certain indicators, so the ways to implement the tasks should be carefully thought out. In all regions of the region, the structure of the economy is different, and local leaders need to see specific growth points and work actively with those enterprises and organizations that are capable of showing positive dynamics. Only in this case we have the right to count on the desired result. Increased attention will be paid to the construction industry, the export of goods and services.


Vladimir Kravtsov focused on investment activities. The completion of the large-scale construction of BelAES has an effect on the slowdown in the growth of this indicator. But in the region, according to the governor, there are other investment projects that should actively “unwind” and compensate for investments.


According to Elena Bubenchik, the deputy chairman of the regional executive committee, in 2020 the investment portfolio of the region included more than 300 projects totaling over 3.2 billion rubles. It will be based on a number of large projects in industry, agriculture, and logistics. The plans include the beginning of the reconstruction of the M-7 highway and the construction of a new glass factory. In addition, about $ 90 million of foreign direct investment is planned to be attracted to the region next year.


The volume of gross regional product next year is projected at 103.7% to the estimate of 2019. This is a key indicator showing how the economy worked this year.

- The increase in gross regional product is expected to come from the manufacturing sector - industry and agriculture, as well as the services sector - wholesale and retail trade, transport activity, said Elena Bubenchik. The planned growth in retail turnover will be achieved, among other things, through the development of trade infrastructure. In the region, it is planned to open 40 new retail facilities, 22 new public catering facilities. A positive trend is observed in the export of goods and services. Diversification of trade and economic ties will continue. It is planned to increase export volumes to the countries of the European Union, to strengthenpositions in the markets of the “far arc”. The most capacious markets are China, Mongolia, Vietnam, and Pakistan. A positive trend in exports is expected in tourism and medical services.



The governor emphasized that the construction industry requires special attention. There are a number of programs through which they will provide projected volumes of construction and installation works. Among them - the construction of the Belarusian NPP, the reconstruction of the M-7 highway and the old railway bridge under the automobile in Grodno, the construction of an oncology clinic and a new glass factory. Housing will remain a priority. Significant attention in the implementation of the housing program will be given to large families - more than 1200 large families will celebrate a housewarming next year. In general, the average level of housing provision in the region by the end of 2020 will approach 30.7 square meters per person.



According to preliminary forecasts, the average wage in the region will continue to grow and amount to 991.5 rubles, or 106.8% compared to the estimate of 2019. However, this is the minimum bar.

- Employment and the level of wages are some of the most important issues that concern residents of the region, emphasized Vladimir Kravtsov. We must do everything possible so that next year the average salary in the region is at least 1000 rubles. An increase in wages by an average of 15-16% expects public sector employees. Funds for this have already been laid in the regional budget.


Employment in the region will be supported by creating new jobs in various sectors of the economy, including in the field of small and medium-sized enterprises. Thanks to the creation of new enterprises and enterprises, it is planned to employ over 5,200 people.


Based on forecasts of socio-economic development, the region budget for 2020 has been formed. According to experts, incomes in each region will grow at the expense of their own sources

- Own revenues under the draft consolidated budget of the region for 2020 are projected at 1 494 980.3 thousand rubles, said Pavel Oshurik, the head of the main financial department of the regional executive committee. Compared to 2019, they will increase by 4.5%. It is planned to receive 712,547.8 thousand rubles of gratuitous receipts from the republican budget and the state extra-budgetary fund for social protection of the population, which will make 32.3% of the total income.


By the way, the budget for the coming year will retain a pronounced social orientation. Socially significant expenses will amount to more than 74%. It is planned to allocate 8.4% of the budget to finance housing and communal services, 5.2% to support and develop the agricultural sector, and 6% to capital construction.

In general, the region budget for 2020 is planned with a surplus.

By Anna Radiuk

Photos were taken by Mikhail Isachenko

Translated by Olga Ilyuk

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