More than 140,000 people celebrated Victory Day in Grodno and in Grodno region

More than 140,000 people celebrated Victory Day in Grodno and in Grodno region

Each district of Grodno region had its own festive program.

As the figures show, more than 40,000 people celebratedVictory Day on interactive sites, in parks, at concerts only in Grodno.

 -This is a holiday with tears in the eyes, as it sung in the famous song. In Grodno, an ageless hit, known by heart to several generations, sang the biggest chorus in the history of the holiday - 200 artists took to the stage at once, and thousands of spectators played the cherished lines in one voice. The concert at the Mound of Glory was the culmination of the celebration of Victory Day in Grodno.


 Although it should be said that even before the final evening, beginning in the morning, the holiday definitely turned out to be large-scale, bright and literally “many thousands”. Traditionally, on 9th of May was opened by the parade of troops of the Grodno garrison, and here, at the Eternal Flame, a flower laying ceremony was held at the monument to the fallen soldiers and partisans of the Great Patriotic War. Thousands of citizens and guests of the city came to pay homage.


  A separate point of the entertainment program was the passage of the automobile column, which made the symbolic “Run of Victory” in the center of Grodno. There were retrotechnique cultural and historical motor club "Vintage", and motorcycles of bikers "Grizzly", and also thematic theatrical sites, which were located directly on military vehicles.

 The Grodno residents and guests themselves had just a huge choice of sites - the holiday turned around all Grodno.

 Gilibert Park could be called a separate mini-continent, which has a lot of interactive locations: from the field kitchen and the improvised military hospital to the customs site. Therewereactivities for everyone - as it said, from the youngest to the oldest.


 On Lenina Square, traditionally culinary territory is a huge open-air cafe. So, if hunger caught somebody by surprise - it does not matter. By the way,a lot of smaller food platforms were developedthroughout the city.

 AndTizengauzasquare was put at the disposal of military equipment. Judging by the number of young guests of this interactive, in the short term, the military registration and enlistment offices can be calm - interest in weapons types, army traditions and military equipment will not run out. Young Grodno citizens literally surrounded military equipment from all sides: horizontally and vertically.


 There was even a field post in Grodno. The exhibition "Victory Mail" opened on Sovetskaya Square. Experts told how the field post office worked on the front line during wartime and what forces were used to restore the postal system in the first post-war years.

How without music on such a solemn day? Throughout the city, it sounded, roared, danced and waltzed - from jazz motifs to contemporary covers of military songs. A special charm was at the music wave on Sovetskaya Street: street performers filled everything around with a stunning atmosphere. Dozens of cover bands and musicians entered the main pedestrian artery of the center of Grodno. In their playlist there were the composition of the war years, which sounded in the language of accordion and saxophone, classical guitar and synthesizers. Truly fascinating, when dozens of people sing “Katyusha”, “Cranes are flying”, “Victory Day” and many other songs that are so familiar to us. The festive atmosphere reigned in the evening and on the viewing platform near the rotunda on Darwin Street.


  Schools of the city also launched interactive sites and joined the celebration. No one was left behind.

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