New microdistricts, bridges, multi-level interchanges and elite buildings on Vesennyaya street. What Grodno will be in 10 years (+ infographics)

New microdistricts, bridges, multi-level interchanges and elite buildings on Vesennyaya street. What Grodno will be in 10 years (+ infographics)

The adjustment of Grodno master plan for the next 10 years was discussed in the regional executive committee.  

Its concept was presented by the working group of the Institute of BelNIIPgradostroitelstva, and this is not strokes or refinements. Engineers and architects proposed significant changes to the master plan. The meeting was attended by Vladimir Kravtsov, the chairman of the regional executive committee, Vladimir Deshko, the deputy chairman of the regional executive committee,MechyslavGoy, the chairman of the Grodno city executive committee, Boris Fyodorov, the chairman of the Grodno city council of deputies, Ivan Kurman and Oleg Belinsky, the heads of the Lenin and Oktyabrsky administrations of Grodno, the heads of the regional executive committees.  

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 16 years without adjustment   

 -The construction and development of Grodno are based on the model of the 2002 master plan, and he could not take into account many significant changes, said Vladimir Deshko at the beginning of the meeting. For example, it was planned that the level of motorization in Grodno will be 200 cars per one thousand inhabitants by 2020, but this figure was 280 cars already by 2006, today it is about 500. This is the European level of motorization and the highest in Belarus.  


 So-called contiguous lands appeared in the city, where you can build new housing and other facilities. The correction should also be made because the military unit is redeployed from Lapenki to Ratichi, and the construction of the residential Granditschimicrodistrict for 65,000 residents will begin in its place.  

 From agricultural use for town development

 Mechyslav Goy, the chairman of the city executive committee, raised the problem of lack of land for new construction at all levels, because in the city harvests are sowed and plowed, growed. The situation is somewhat changing in connection with the amendments to the general plan for the next ten years. Only in the districts Olshanka, Pogorany-Koshevniki about 270 hectares have already taken of land from the agricultural rotation, 210 hectareswill still withdraw from the agricultural rotationfor the construction of all 12 microdistrictsof Baranovichi. More than 150 hectares of land should be provided for the construction of individual housing areas in Zarica. From the turnover landwill be given for the construction of the new production of JSC "Grodno Azot". In total, the construction of housing in Grodno envisages the withdrawal of 504 hectares of land from agricultural turnover.  


 Meanwhile, the city gets rid of everything that is dilapidated. In some places, there is a big demolition of the objects, whether they are unused warehouses, and in Olshankathere is a closed cattle farm near the former village of BolshayaOlshanka. There, according to the general plan, will be a kindergarten in a new built-up high-rise area.  

 The sites for the construction of housing need to be vacated in many parts of the city with the demolition of the estate. So, on Vesennyaya street demolition are subject for more than 50 houses, in the area of Kurchatov street -28 houses, Suvorov street - 33, on the extension of Ostrovsky street - 20, SovetskikhPogranichnikovstreets, about a dozen. Demolition of manor housing is provided onBelusha, Lidskaya and Shchorsastreets.

 Lands are reserved for the expansion of the cemetery in Auls. Two hectares of land in this area are allotted for the possible construction of a crematorium.     

New bridge will be built, old will be reconstructed  

 According to Vladimir Deshko, the issue of work starting on expanding an unused single-track railway bridge in the area of Koshevniki to a four-lane highway is being decided. The project is a large-scale project with an accompanying road infrastructure. In this regard, it will be extended to South Street from Vishnevetsmicrodistrict, and then the road to the M6 motorway with the construction of a multi-level junction will go from the bridge to the first stage. Streams of cars from microdistrictsVishnevets and Olshankawill flow on this bridge.

 There is a need to reconstruct a 50-year-old bridge across the Neman along Popovichastreet to six lanes, as well as the overhaul of Rumlevsky bridge. Large construction will make adjustments to urban traffic. There may be a complete shutdown of traffic for the time of repair works. In this case, the construction of another bridge across the Neman in the area of Solovy village in Grodno region will soften the problem. This is not only due to the extension of Gorkogostreet, but also to the delivery of chalk from the quarries of the Grodno Combine of building materials that are located on the opposite side of the river.


 Streets will be lengthened,interchangeswill be build

 The updated general plan affects, as it seems, all the road arteries and weaknesses of Grodno. The adjustment provides for the extension of 800 meters of Stroiteleyprospekt  towards the bridge over the Neman with the construction of a roundabout. The interchange is also envisaged for the extension of Ostrovskogo street for 2.5 kilometers to Kochanovskogo street. In Ponemon, where more than 10 hectares of land were freed after the radio tower was demolished, the construction of a complex of high-rise buildings, the demolition of garages, and the construction of a multi-level intersection at the intersection of Kletskova and Belusha streets are planned. These tasks are spelled out in the general plan of Grodno until 2030.  

 It is also planned to extend the Pushkina street in the direction of Kurchatovastreet, which will allow transportation along the extended Gasparadcha  street, and thereby remove part of the traffic from Gorkogo street.  

 The developers of amendments to the master plan have their own concept for extending the Lebedevastret from the overpass on the wasteland towards the side of Pobedy Lane.  


 It was debatable to discuss the construction of an understudy of  BolshayaTroitskaya street. Minsk residents believe that the understudy should be pedestrian with observation platforms. Grodno residents have their own vision of the problem: the understudy will remove the problems of traffic through the historical center, on both streets only one-way traffic. Unequal opinion and on the extension of Podgornaya street from the old bridge. Minsk residents suggest that they take it to Belusha street, Grodno, to the roundabout in Budyonnogo street. The opinion of Grodno residents outweighed the scales.  

 "Golden" district  

 Antonina Verbitskaya, the main specialist of the Institute of BelNIIPgradostroitelstva, elaborated on the construction of a new microdistrict on Vesennyaya street. In her opinion, from the side of the Kolozh, it is necessary to build houses with no more than 3-5-7 floors, so that they, figuratively speaking, did not dominate the historical pearl of Grodno. In general, the capital's architects offer an elite micro-district with extra-class houses made of glass, metal and concrete.  


 Also, amendments to the general plan envisage the construction of reversal roundabouts for urban passenger transport in each new microdistrict.  

 Written by Nikolay Shlyk,Photos made by Artem Turlay and Vitaly Skvortsov 

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