Oginsky's estate in Zalesye entered the top-best museums in Belarus. Why is it necessary to come here?

Oginsky's estate in Zalesye entered the top-best museums in Belarus. Why is it necessary to come here?

The results of the XVII Republican tourism contest “Discover Belarus-2019” were announced in Minsk on 19th of December.

The museum-estate M.-K. Oginsky became the prize-winner in the competition in the nomination "Museums and objects of entertainment of the year". The institution is one of the three best museums in Belarus.


- It took into account how many people visited the museum, the presence of their own unique programs, the participation and organization of events, the use of innovative techniques and service methods, said Svetlana Kenko, the deputy director of the museum.

By the way, over 11 months of this year, the exposition and events of the museum in Zalesye were visited by more than 40 thousand people (in 2017 - 33.2 thousand). Among them are tourists from Lithuania, Poland, Latvia, Russia, Ukraine and other countries.

Interesting facts about the estate of M.-K. Oginsky in Zalesye.

1. "Temple of Amelia"

In September 2019, for the first time in many years, the Temple of Amelia opened for visitors. According to the surviving information, this was a favorite place of solitude and reflection of Michal Oginsky. The unique altanka gazebo is named after the composer's eldest daughter. According to museum staff, it was precisely Amelia who was most attached to her father, perhaps because she was very talented. The girl loved poetry and wrote many poems, devoted mainly to the forest and nature. Her poetic ability is evidenced by the collection of poems "On Occasion."


2. Stone Palace

It was with the arrival of Mikhail Kleofas Oginsky in Zalesye that the construction of a new stone palace began here. The project was developed by professor of architecture at Vilnius University Michal Schulz. It was completed by 1815. What the estate of the famous creator of the Polonezians looked like in the 19th century, guests of Zalesye can appreciate today.


3. Unique park

Before the estate there is a park, which corresponded to the new-fashioned samples of romantic "English" parks. In the picturesque corners of the park appeared "humpbacked" bridges, garden benches and memorial stones. The latter adorn the park even today, and the inscriptions carved here speak of the composer's appreciation and reverence for the two persons who played an important role in his life: Tadeusz Kosciuszko and Governor Jean Role.


4. The unique festival of dahlias in Zalesye

The festival of dahlias, which takes place in Zalesye, has also become a recognizable brand. At the time of the composer, the local flower beds were full of different colors. Among them there were many roses, but a special place was given to dahlias - Michal Cleophas had more than 60 species of these flowers. The holiday begins with a theatrical procession. Another bright feature is an unusual flower defile. Yes, yes, models present fashionable looks for the audience, in the decor of which there are always dahlias.


5. Batleika performance as the know-how of contemporary art

For many years, the open regional festival of batleika theater “Magical light of battleika” has traditionally been held in Zalesye agro-town for the first time. The best battle ensembles from all over the country are organizing a great theater festival here. Viewers are introduced not only to the productions traditional for the Belarusian batleika, but also to the modern original interpretation.


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