Online services for villagers. How the Mobile Postman project works in Grodno region

Online services for villagers. How the Mobile Postman project works in Grodno region

In November of last year the project came to the Grodno region.

The “mobile postman” was introduced in RUE “Belpochta” just over a year ago. The new project almost immediately showed its effectiveness and ease of use both for the postal employees themselves and for the residents of the region. Now, the latter, in order to perform a number of important operations: replenish the balance of a mobile phone, subscribe or pay utility bills, it is not necessary at all to go several kilometers to the nearest post office, because everything is nearby. The hardware and software complex "Mobile Postman" has become a unique alternative to the usual stationary object.

The first in the country to appreciate the advantages of the innovation was in the Vitebsk region. The Orsha district was chosen as an experimental site: several vehicles were sent there. The project turned out to be in demand, people quickly got used to it, and the company decided: the positive experience should be quickly implemented in other regions. In November of last year the project came to the Grodno region. Here the Lidans got acquainted with the novelty. For the use of the postmen of the district unit, 88 machines were allocated. By the way, Lida was not chosen by chance. She is among 11 settlements included in the government plan for the accelerated development of cities in the country with a population of more than 80 thousand people.


Svetlana Myakish, deputy director of the Grodno branch of the Belpochta RUE, told about the device with wide functionality:

 - Thanks to a special device, the receipt of postal services by rural residents has become even more convenient. Undoubtedly, the introduction of the hardware and software complex "Mobile Postman" helped not only bring services closer to consumers, but significantly improve the quality of service. Residents of Lida and the Lida region especially appreciated the benefits of mobile assistants during a pandemic. After all, they did not have to stand in line in order, for example, to pay for utilities. Postmen, equipped with smart devices, can enter to every home.

 According to Svetlana Vikentievna, Mobile Postman is a fairly compact Android device with special software. The hardware and software complex combines the functions of a smartphone, a POS terminal and a printer. Simply put, now, in order to perform this or that operation, the postman just needs to make a couple of simple clicks on the device. The program will quickly calculate the amount of the payment, and the client will immediately receive a receipt for payment.


- In this case, all operations are carried out online, and services can be paid both in cash and by credit card. That is doubly convenient for users, - adds the interlocutor, immediately making one very important clarification: - It will not work to install the program on an ordinary smartphone, it is adapted only for devices that are in the hands of employees of post offices.

So what is this wonderful device capable of? Today, thanks to the "Mobile Postman", you can subscribe to newspapers, pay utility bills and other services in ERIP, also receive and issue postal items, pay pensions and benefits, postal money orders, purchase consumer goods, labeled and unmarked products, print media , lottery tickets and more.

One of the first in the region to appreciate the merits of a useful mobile assistant was the driver-postman of the post office "Lida-8" Denis Chirko. On the route, the worker has about 20 villages, the inhabitants of which, of course, have their own needs. Someone urgently needs to replenish the balance of a mobile phone, and someone needs to receive a parcel. In short, there is plenty of work. The employee did not have any difficulties in mastering the novelty.

- The training was easy. Everything is clear and accessible. Today each of us has a smartphone, we have long been accustomed to paying for services through mobile banking. The mobile postman is not more difficult to use, and the fact that it simplified the work of postmen is obvious. If earlier all services had to be drawn up by hand, a receipt was drawn up, and after each one at the end of the day to be processed by mail, now all the paperwork has disappeared. With a mobile device, everything is near your hand!

It is planned that in 2021 the Mobile Postman hardware and software complex will appear in all districts of the region, in particular, in every post office in rural areas. This will require about 630 devices.


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