Open windows, "adjust white balance", monitor the curb: traffic police tips on driving in the fog

Open windows, "adjust white balance", monitor the curb: traffic police tips on driving in the fog

Unusually warm for the end of autumn weather during the day and approaching zero temperature at night leads to frequent fogs.

In the State traffic inspectorate of Brest region, drivers have prepared effective tips on how to make the road safe for themselves and others in difficult weather conditions.

Fog is one of the most dangerous atmospheric phenomena for the driver, emphasized the traffic police. The visibility of the roadway, markings is deteriorating, distances to other vehicles and pedestrians are being hidden, fatigue is increasing. Driving in a fog requires special skill.

On foggy days the weather is usually damp, so pedestrians prefer to walk along the very edge of the roadway outside the city, rather than along a dirty roadside. Thus, pedestrians, as well as slow-moving cyclists who do not have full-fledged lighting devices, can become potential victims of limited visibility.

Fog selectively absorbs the blue part of the spectrum, distorting color tones - for example, yellow becomes reddish, blue - greenish, etc. Unlike any other conditions, in such weather, against the background of asphalt, houses and trees, it is better to see not light, but dark objects.

The main condition for safe movement in the fog is the right speed. It must be such that the stopping distance does not exceed the visibility distance. When determining its boundaries, it is necessary to focus on light objects, since they are noticeable worse than dark ones, and the distance at which they are visible is reduced by 20-30%.

With high humidity, any sound is transmitted well, so an ajar window and a turned off radio will help the driver navigate in traffic conditions.

When driving in dense fog, it is better to avoid rearrangements associated with driving into the oncoming lane. Orienting the car on the roadway, it is better to take into account not the white center line, but the right side of the road, which contrasts better with the edge of wet asphalt.

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