Over a hundred registrars will clarify addresses for the census. The preparation for a large-scale campaign was discussed at the regional executive committee

The region is actively preparing for the census, which will be held in the autumn of 2019. The next phase of the “survey of the decade” starts in less than two weeks - checking the registration of the address economy. From 6th of November to 30th November, over a hundred registrars will work in cities and towns of the region — to refine the list and characteristics of all buildings in which people live or can live.

The way of implementation of the preparatory activities for the census of the population in 2019 was discussed at the regional executive committee at the next meeting of the temporary regional census commission to promote the census of the population.

The meeting was also attended by Inna Medvedeva, the Chairman of the National Statistical Committee.

- A large-scale survey of the population in 2019 is extremely important for the country, because the main guideline for the state is people. And for those who will conduct a survey, the exact addresses of the respondents will be a guide. Responsible services should prepare an address area management in such a way that registrars and enumerators do not have problems. Other preparatory activities should be carried out qualitatively and on time. A serious serious approach is required from all involved in this matter, said Viktor Liskovich, the Vice-Chairman of the Regional Executive Committee, Chairman of the Temporary Regional Commission for the Promotion of the Population Census.


Inna Medvedeva, the Chairperson of the National Statistical Committee, emphasized that conducting a population census is a large-scale nation-wide event, on which the development of the country and specific regions depends.

- The information to be obtained during the population census is unique. The census provides answers to many questions related to the quality of life of the population, said Inna Viktorovna. These data will determine where to build schools, kindergartens, where to start transport. It is important to understand that the census is carried out not only to determine the population and its demographic characteristics, but also to correctly predict the development of the territory of the republic, to find new opportunities for the development of the country and improve the lives of citizens.


The list and boundaries of populated areas have already been clarified in the region, and work is now being completed on streamlining street names and numbering of houses in the housing stock of individual development. The composition of the temporary census personnel - the registrars who will check the address facilities - has been approved to clarify the addresses of the buildings, which will then need to be visited by the census taker in 2019.


- Regarding the importance of the work ahead, special attention was paid to the selection of registrars. With each of the applicants, and this is mainly employees of enterprises of housing and communal services, conducted an interview. In the selection, attention was drawn to the ability of the applicant to work on a tablet computer, physical health and knowledge of the territory. Registrar nominations were approved at meetings of the temporary city and district commissions to assist the population census, said Svetlana Shchiraya, the head of the regional main statistical office, deputy head of the temporary regional commission on census assistance.


116 people will be involved in checking the address economy in the Grodno region, including 21 in Grodno. The territory of urban settlements of the region is divided into 97 registrar sites. The average load on the registrar - 700 homes. Their work will be supervised by the heads of the district statistics departments, and by authorized staff of the main statistical department of the region in Grodno and the Grodno district. Special briefing before entering the polling stations will be held on 5th of November . And the next will begin to bypass the plots entrusted to them. All registrars will be insured, as well as receive certificates, tablets, permission for free travel in public transport for the period of work.


What is the job of a registrar? Each of them will have a tablet computer with an electronic map of its registrar site. The contours of the houses are marked on the map - address points, which he must confirm and give them a characteristic during the tour. The main goal of the registrar is to specify the buildings where people live, stay or can live in 2019. But before the registrars enter the territory, it is necessary to make every effort to complete the work to restore order in the address economy.


- Selective checks which are carried out by state statistics officials show that not all localities have completed the installation of the missing and unusable sold-out plates and number plates on residential buildings. Particular attention should be paid to the elements of address orientation in the residential building of individual development. We need to take more actively to complete this work in the regional center, Shchuchinsky, Volkovysk, Novogrudsky, Ivie, Lida, Slonim districts, added Svetlana Shchiraya.


Homeowners who have not yet placed a sign with the address on their home must do this before the registrars take to the streets. The need for beautification to the owners is explained by means of leaflets, through the media, in oral conversations. Everyone should treat this request with responsibility.

- 20% of objects in the Grodno region have shortcomings of one kind or another. The leaders of the district level should understand that among their responsibilities is the need to create a favorable environment for the population. Indeed, sometimes it happens that even special services - “ambulance”, the Emergencies Ministry, having arrived at the call, do not know where to go - there is neither a number nor a street name on the house. Today it is important to organize quality work of the recorders, therefore in the districts it is necessary to bring order to the address economy as quickly as possible. Ultimately, the quality of the population census in 2019 depends on this, summed up Inna Medvedeva.

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