Pavel Legkiy: “Responsibility of owners of Internet resources does not depend on the method of user identification”

For the first time, the law on mass media establishes the rights and obligations of owners of Internet resources.  The mandatory identification of users is among them. Thus, a user agreement will be concluded with the commentator - it will make the discussion in the network more cultural and orderly. Pavel Legkiy, the First Deputy Minister of Information of the Republic of Belarus, told this to media representatives at the VI Forum of Young Journalists.


Speaking about identification methods, Pavel Legkiy noted that the main method specified in the decree of the Council of Ministers is SMS identification, however other methods are provided that the Internet resource owner himself considers expedient, for example, identification via social networks or e-mail.

-Regardless of the method of identification that the owner of the Internet resource chooses, the responsibility for it is clearly stated, said Pavel Legkiy. The owner of the Internet resource in any case will receive a requirement to eliminate the actions of the commentator, the “bully.” If the specified problem is not fixed within the set time frame, we are entitled to restrict access to the resource until the requirement is fulfilled.


From 1st of December, the registration of the media, those resources that want to work in the network according to the rules of the media as network resources, also begins. In this regard, the legislation is waiting for other changes regarding the requirements for media managers.


So, as applied to network resources, we suggest applying the requirements for editors-in-chief. It is proposed to reduce the temporary qualification of work in the media sphere from 5 to 3 years. In addition, it does not have to be a job in a management position. The right to lead the network resource is proposed to provide, including ordinary journalists. At the same time, the potential editor of the Internet resource will not necessarily have to occupy the entire leadership position during all this time, explained Pavel Legkiy.

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