"People are simple, but funny": Vasil and Gandja about stepping on to a stage and a trip to Paris

He dreamed of becoming a vet, she wanted to become ahost on high heels and in a long evening dress. But life offered them a new dream and for a year they make people laugh, enshrining the format of a humorous conférenceon the Belarusian stage. They play Vasil and Gandja, who are always dancing and laughing people's ringleaders, for 10 years. Today Nadezhda Markevich and Denis Balabuev will lift the veil over their stage roles.

And it began like this ...

Nadia's dad is the director of the rural house of culture, so the dances and songs for the girl have become a habit from four years. But Denis did not even think about the sphere of culturein his youth. But the relations with veterinary medicine did not work out and in the career of the young man occurred a 180-degree turn. So, a guy with charisma came in the College of Art, where he met his future stage partner. But they did not begin to work together at once. A few people know, but Gandja began to perform with another Vasil - Andrei Kopat. He still sometimes helps out, going on as a substitute. We must take into account that the duet is in demand today, the guys have found their niche.


- Denis asked me to jointly untwist the image, only when I began to manage the Kvasovskycenter of culture, says Nadezhda. Weworked well together. Now, probably, no mass celebrations in the region can do without Vasil and Gandja. We can perform seven times in three days.

When they have been asked how to them came the idea to "stir up" such a thing, the guys shrug their shoulders - the most popular Belarusian literary characters areat the core, the main thing is to perform in interesting way.

"Hope for the village"

The name of NadezhdaMarkevich's authorial television project on Belarus-4 has a double meaning. In the frame, the girl appears in front of the audience in the favorite image of a punching breakout village. Although the actress herself admits that outside the stage costume it is quite different:

- Gandjaisa battle-axe, as people say, has a sharp tongue, and sometimes I'm very timid. And in the youthI waspanically afraid of lenses. Who would have thought that after many years I could easily improvise in front of the camera?

Nadezhda does not hide that, entering the role, she begins to feel much more relaxed. After all, stupidity and grotesque will be forgiven to the character, but to the real person does not. Denis, on the contrary, considers himself very similar to his hero - the same positive merry fellow.


In general, they do not tire of stressing thatGandja and Vasil are not just characters. They are, in fact, simple, rustic people. They were born in the outback, they also draw inspiration for their jokes.

-We are, for the most part, playing specific life situations, says Denis. We notice some funny moments, watching people. And in the village you can hear a lot of stories, you can put the play from them!

Brainstorm and self-irony

Nadezhda recalls the first performance in the role of Gandja on the Day of Agricultural Workers in Vertelishki. It's now a sixty percent of improvisation. And then it seemed that the most terrible thing is to forget the text. But, in Denis's opinion, everything is always smooth and calm. It is not his prerogative to panic: if it is necessary, we will do it.

Any act for Vasil and Gandzi is the brainchild of a joint brainstorming session.

- We like to laugh in life and on stage, including, at each other. Sometimes, and on the basis of this, you can get an act. I remember once Denisbroke his leg. I came visit him, and he sits with a plaster and a stick, "as Apostal on the icon". Well, how can I not perform it?


It is true, sometimes we forced to write a new scriptalmost overnight. This is not easy.

-It's difficult to do anything under pressure. But another time jokes are born right behind the scenes. While someone before us is speaking, we quickly discuss details with Nadia, here's a sketch for you.

Event for hard of hearing

Nadezhda is also the organizer in the cultural center "Tsvetlit" in Grodno. There is a girl, who works with hard of hearing and deaf. She honestly says that even in the regional center there is a problem with organizing events for such special people.


It took about five yearsfor girl took to learn the language of facial expressions and gestures. But now they are almost the only ones in the city with a partner who can hold a holiday for those who have serious hearing impairments.

- Vasil usually speaksat such events, and Gandjainterpretes. This is not easy, because you need not only to choose the right gestures, but also to work well with facial expressions, otherwise you will not be understood.

The creative couple never refuses and from participating in charitable events They think that ignoring such requests is unworthy.

Just dress up, and you can go to Paris

Sometimes, even the most popular characters become boring. Moreover, not so much for the audience as for the performers themselves. Only Nadezhda and Denis are not yet threatened. They have goals and ideas as they say "a cart and a small cart."


- Oh, so many times I wanted to quit everything. But, you know, while we are interesting to people, we will, of course, work. We will fantasize, invent new jokes and performances, saysNadezhda. We'll try to compose our own songs. We cannot sing the songs of the others all the time.

Perhaps someone else can join the creative tandem. It is not excluded, for example, that Vasil will be pleased with the arrival of his mother-in-law. Or maybe father-in-law?

- We already somehow attracted childrento the performance. Do not forget that according to the pre-history of Gandja there are seven of them, laughing, the girl continues
. - At that time an African American from Medical University played the eldest son, which knew only the word "good"in Russian, but famously sang. An excellent character then appeared, - smiles Gandja.We had so SciapanVasilievich.

Artists do not mindto update their heroes and wardrobe. Their costumes have been worn outfor so many years, besides, you want something brighter and more fashionable:

 - We, of course, do not plan to dress feathers (laughs), yet there must be progress in appearance.

But the main dream of the "stars" of the regional scene is to tour with those cities that have not yet been visited. Nadezhda would like to perform in Brest and Mogilev. But Denis is ready to keep a course on Paris:

- So what? Perhaps, and there the image of rural Belarusian cheerful people will get accustomed.

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