People will pay for their place on a tribune: what moves Grodno fans and what for they can not be allowed to the match

A new form of administrative punishment introduced for fans-hooligans in Belarus. It is a ban on attending sports competitions. Now the rebels, disturbing the public order during the game matches, can pay not only with the ruble, but also with a place in the stadium. The new law was published on 28th of July, and will come into force already within three months. In the meantime, we will try to find out what the fans of Grodno hockey and football fan-sectors are really busy with and whether there are many hooligans among them.

Where does the fan come from? From football, of course!

When talking about the fans, of course, remember, not gymnastics and figure skating. Screaming tribunes... It is a consequence of an exclusively open team confrontation. Here the first thing that comes to mind is football and hockey. Moreover, these two sports in Grodno have their own clubs. And, of course, the fans. It's just not everyone from the regulars of the Grodno fan sectors can be called a hooligan. Especially in the sense in which this concept appeared.

English football is at the origin of hooligan fanfare. It was deprived of all sorts of rules at the stage of its emergence, and therefore often grew into an ordinary fight. In 1365 King Edward III even banned the ball game under penalty of prison, but in vain. In the 60 years of the last century, fans-hooligans occupied about 70% of the stadium stands in England. After Heysel Stadium disaster in 1985, UEFA suspended all English clubs for five years from participating in European competition. Then at the final match of the European Champions Cup, a group of fans of the English "Liverpool" climbed over the dividing fences to the fans of the Italian "Juventus", causing the collapse of the supporting wall of the rostrum. As a result, nearly 40 people were killed, hundreds were wounded. A lot of football hooligan groups ceased to exist, but completely the phenomenon itself has not become obsolete.


Meanwhile in Grodno

While the British police of the 80's out of the wood climbed to somehow suppress fanatical excesses, the Grodno people were just starting to learn that you can loudly support your favorite team. Maxim Gavrilov was then a boy. During the day he played football himself, and in the evenings, along with his friends, hurried to the stadium to support his favorite team.

- We did not have a specific fan-sector, young people simply tried to sit side by side, "congregating", recalls the man. The police has always been on duty. But to tell the truth, "in civilian terms." It was impossible to scream, it was considered as a violation of public order. The one who tried to "charge" the chant was immediately taken away and taken to Gozha. They landed there, took out their laces and, in fact, everything. Such educational measures. No one thought to resist. Besides, after leaving one "screamer", there was another one. So for the game, 3-4 people just left without laces (laughs).


But the flags and streamers, according to Maxim, the police did not take away:
- We sewed white sheets by ourselves, made large stencils, bought nitro-paint and painted right on my balcony. Then the Grodno yout
really lived football. If there was no money, we watched the match from the roofs of nearby houses, climbed over the fences secretly, uncorked the bars. Now the guys on the fan sector, I think, are trying to assert themselves more, resorting to all sorts of tricks. But this is ...

"Minor hooliganism, no more"

In the Internal Affairs Directorate they talk about the "relative calm" of the comrades of the 21st football fan sector, they say, until the criminal cases have not yet reached. They deny law enforcement agencies and cases of large-scale mass fights on the basis of sports preferences.

- We have not recorded cases when one fan beat another to death or severely maimed, says Maxim Bazylenko, the official representative of the Internal Affairs Directorate of the Grodno Oblast Executive Committee. All statistics are reduced to administrative offenses only. Grodno football fans are punished mainly for the blown firecrackers, abusive language, insulting chants and streamers, uncoordinated performances, violating public order, being in a state of intoxication, disobedience to police officers.


We will not come to the game

One of the last notable incidents involving fans at the Grodno football stadium occurred in mid-July, when a number of firecrackers blew up during the match on the sector.

- The police tried to detain the violators, explains Maxim Bazylenko, but other fans began to actively intervene for them. As a result, 12 people were detained.


Now during home matches the 21st sector is empty, the guys are on strike, thus continuing to defend their "own".

Dmitry Kovalenok, the legend of Grodno football, now the sports director of FC "Neman" shared his opinion on this matter:
- The team is very lack of support, and this, of course, affects the game. Recently we met with fans of the club, listened to the position of the guys about the incident, explained how important it is for us to have their presence during the matches. After all, fans are not just fans. These are people who support the players regardless of whether they lose or win. This is world practice. The public security that the police are trying to provide is another matter. The main thing here is that nothing threatens the life and health of people around me, in my opinion.

Dmitry believes that football fans and law enforcement should learn to engage in a constructive dialogue in order to avoid conflicts:
- Football is not ballet. This is a very emotional sport. I would not want it to lose his entertainment. But the framework, as they say, has everything.

By the way about entertainment. Dmitry hurries to recall the fan performance, organized in honor of his exit on the football "pension":
- Elegant fire show and a huge stylized streamer with a name. It was very nice. At such times, you understand best what the whole point of the fan sector is all about.

The main on the ice grandstand

Hockey fans have a warmer relationship with the police. That's why they are more willing to contact the media. Sergei Emelyanov, the leader of Grodno hockey fan club, the first time in the atmosphere of screaming tribunes plunged back in childhood - the father took him to the game. Since then it has gone and gone. The man admits that he himself does not know how to stand on skates, but he feels with all his heart for the outcome of every match of the "Neman" team. He even made a tattoo with the emblem of Grodno HC.


Let's "charge"!

-The fan's charter rules are interesting, says Sergei. For example, a member of the fan club must attend at least seventy percent of home matches and support the team at least five away. Attributes also do not tolerate arbitrariness. The presence of scarves, flags, and color of shirts are agreed in advance: if it is decided to come to a match in white, then everyone comes in white. Things aren’t often bought, but sew to order - recently, for example, in St. Petersburg, they ordered 60 red T-shirts with a print of "Garadzensy". But the pipes and chattering - it's, as it turned out, a stereotype. For such an attribute you can be taken away from the sector. You can see only a drum or an ordinary whistle to create a rhythm.


By the way, it's not customary to sit on the fan sector. And even more so to drink or eat:
- A fan should loudly support the team. And how you can shout when the mouth is full! You need to listen carefully, that "charges" spoi-men, and repeat. You can not shout what anyone likes. Then you get a vague verbal mess.

By and large, all fan clubs use the same chants, rewriting them for themselves a little. Nevertheless, the fans of Grodno HC have their own favorite, which they can sometimes "charge" continuously for half an hour. It sounds like this: "The Neman" is ahead, our victory will not go away, we believe in it to the end, with you we are "Neman" forever!

The sector "beauty"

Sergei argues that the fans according to the statute "should create beauty in the sector." Take at least a decisive fight with Molodechno in one of the quarterfinals, when about three thousand fans cheered to support the fighting spirit of Neman players. The video of this performance quickly spread over the network, and rave reviews became a boomerang to return even from the US.

Or remember the black and red stretch with the emblem of the hockey club, which two years ago at the opening of the season covered the entire first sector of the ice stadium, and this is about 400 square meters. The fans consider bad form if you stretch the same cloth twice. But the spectacle was so impressive that it was necessary to make concessions to the inspired players, having taken the fan attribute once more to the away match in Gomel. To tell the truth, now from the canvas there are only photos and 150 black-and-red flags.


By the way, Sergey Yemelyanov deals with the design of stretch marks himself. He develops ideas and then successfully implements them together with a dozen of his comrades - the so-called "skeleton" of the fan club. The preparation of one canvas can take up to two days. Children draw where they will, but more often on "abandoned" - there is a lot of space. On the financial side, too, they can do it by themselves - it's a blessing, the sum is quite feasible for 50 people (that's how much is in the official fan club of HC "Neman").


For the team you can go anywhere

Cheering for hockey, in general, fun is not cheap. During the last game season, Sergei Emelyanov spent only one outing about a thousand "green". But the season itself became almost "golden" for him - it was possible to visit 25 matches.

-Food, lodging, the road, entrance tickets - everything costs money, smiles the man, but what can you do if the love of the game, your team, your city is so strong. The fan club is generally one big family. For the time of trips we live together, eat at the same table, and sometimes even with a fork from one plate.


Fans of different hockey clubs, which is remarkable, treat each other very peacefully. Going to the exit match, you can be sure - local and you will find accommodation in advance, and a tour of the city will be conducted. No fights and even verbal skirmishes, in the worst case - unflappable neutrality. And the cafe is opened half an hour earlier to get hot tea from the road for Grodno hockey fans in Zhlobin .

The fight is not for all

If there is a fight at a hockey game, it's more likely between the players themselves. They, at least, can reach each other easier. Here Sergey does not hide - any fans are pretty pissed off with skirmishes between the teams. In suc
cases, the fan sector squeezes the fists no longer for a goal, but for the victory of their player in hand-to-hand fighting.


To offend other people's hockey players is not accepted, but you can play a trick on them:
-We joke, but in a kind way.Once they drew one of the players of the team-rival Oscar for a beautiful fall. At one of the matches, he fell very dramatically, and our player was removed for this for five minutes. But as a result, no one was offended, they discussed and laughed together.


By the way, Sergey visits not only hockey fan-sector. For the Grodno football team, he is also actively supports and personally familiar with many local fans:
- Hockey is more of a family sport. Fans are adults, conscious. There are always a lot of young people on football, who often have youthful maximalism. Because somewhere outside the stadium, there are fights. But I would not say that Grodno football fans are cruel guys. It happens, they fight, and after an hour they drink beer together.


No alcohol?

In society, there is a stereotype that a fan without a bottle like a fairy without a magic wand. Nevertheless, the leader of the Grodno hockey fan club leads a healthy lifestyle and claims that in the first sector such as he is: there are a lot of teetotalers:
- Someone from comrades can afford a glass or two of beer before the match, but nothing more. Sometimes a regular fan will drink much more. This applies to football - there are also enough non-drinkers. In short, to come to the match "under the degree" and swear at the
floor, do not need to be "yellow-green." Exactly how you shouldn’t consume alcohol to occupy the fan sector.

So for what and how?

A new type of administrative penalty is a ban on attending sports events. It can be used for petty hooliganism, drinking alcohol and low-alcohol beverages, beer, consumption of narcotic drugs, psychotropic substances or their analogues, the spread of Nazi attributes. A ban is established for a period of three months to three years, and a fine or administrative arrest is provided for violation.

Under what specific scheme the mechanism of prohibition will operate, it is not possible to speak to the Internal Affairs Directorate. It is early. Meanwhile, in Grodno matches, whether hockey or football, everything is the old fashion: riot police, checkpoints, metal detectors. Law enforcement officials do not lose their vigilance even in relation to those who seemingly are trusted.
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