Restored hearing and 10 acupuncture sessions to heal a hernia: the center of Chinese medicine in Grodno from within

Acupuncture, treatment with cans, moxibustion and therapeutic massage. The methods of traditional Chinese medicine are so unusual for us that the first thing I wanted to do was to capture what happens in the medical center. Ekaterina from Grodno, who at this time was at a reception with Dr. Yuan Tao, refused to pose with needles at the lower back because of modesty.


She considered it is necessary to tell about the breakthrough in the treatment of her excruciating illness: her story can help someone.

- The inter vertebral hernia "twisted" me so that I could not walk. Conservative methods of treatment helped to get on my feet, and the attending physician advised to try acupuncture for further progress. Yuan Tao has appointed 10 sessions. After the third, I could give up anesthesia, - says Katerina.

Bring a diagnosis with you

Denis from Grodno came with a similar problem, but, unlike Katerima, he is here for the first time. Therefore, Yuan Tao carefully examines on the monitor the results of the MRI, which the patient brought. The Chinese specialists have the rule: you need to come to the reception with a diagnosis or at least with the results of tests and studies. Own diagnostic base in the center is not planned. It turns out to work successfully in tandem with Grodno specialists.


But the Chinese dream to bring their ointments and herbs to Grodno. This requires the permission of the Ministry of Health of Belarus. So far, it has given "green light" to the four methods of Chinese traditional medicine, which have been used for millennia. Acupuncture is considered the best method.

600 points

The parents of the seven-year-old Matvey call the miracle that their son began to hear much better after several acupuncture sessions. 38-year-old Irena, who suffered for many years with migraines, got rid of the pain after the fourth session. Yuan Tao says that about a hundred sicknesses are the subject of acupuncture. He specializes in the treatment of diseases of the musculoskeletal system.


Chief Doctor Xiao Hong mainly takes care of patients after a stroke, with diseases of the nervous system, diagnosed with cerebral palsy. Yuan Tao tries to help all those who apply, while she don’t go on vacation to her native country

Every day he takes about fifteen people. In total, 1.8 thousand people have used the services of Chinese specialists since the opening of the center. Many of them for the best effect were treated in a complex way, for example, by needles and cauterization. Chinese experts say that this "duet" is able to withstand the diseases of the nervous and circulatory systems, the musculoskeletal system, as well as surgical and gynecological diseases. The ancient method of treatment by cans has always been considered an excellent painkiller, but it effectively affects the cause of pain. It may seem like a mystery how it works. Yuan Tao provides a rational explanation.


- Methods of Chinese medicine are curative effects on the acupuncture points of the human body. There are more than six hundred of them. You need to know everything almost by heart to become a good specialist. Like the meridians of the body, which is taking into account when the Chinese massage is done.

In the language of medicine

We talk with Yuan Tao with the help of an interpreter. There is also communication between him and the patients. Two girls, a Chinese and a Belorussian, help Chinese specialists to overcome the language barrier. Both have mastered foreign languages at the YankaKupala State University. Natalia Valyuk, doctor from Grodno, works in the center. She know sreflex o the rapy techniques.


By the way, disposable needles are used in the center. Cans are disinfected in a special solution. Chinese experts say that methods, although ancient, but should be applied according to all the requirements of modern medicine.
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