Returning to normal life. How activists of the regional women's organization help women on the path of correction, who broke the law

The women councilors visited the open-type correctional facility No. 25, where women are serving their sentences. Such meetings have become traditional and are held in the framework of a unique project “From a clean slate”. Personal example and the wise advice of successful women of Grodno region can serve convicts as a guideline when choosing their way of life on the outside.


Conversations are mainly about life goals, family values, health, home life and even beauty secrets. The theme of the next meeting was predetermined by the holiday time.

Convicted women listened with genuine interest about the traditions of the Old New Year and the signs associated with this holiday. We stopped in more detail on what needs to be done to bring happiness and well-being into the house. It so happened that our interlocutors are still far from home, but this knowledge will be useful to them in the future. Strong successful women who have everything in life has already worked out help build plans for it, says Irina Stepanenko, the leader of the regional women's organization.

Svetlana Mainina, the leader of the Leninsky district organization BSG, deputy director of the Grodno plant of building materials shared her energy. The master class on painting gingerbread cookies organized by her not only taught convicts home skills, but also showed how a woman’s qualities in a person of business, a manager and an excellent hostess can be combined in a woman.

The activists of the primary organization of Grodno Yanka Kupala State University as modern hostesses know many methods of serving the festive table. They demonstrated the main secrets of this true art. It was necessary to see with what diligence at the last meeting the convicts sewed lace for the New Year's decoration. The workshop was then held by representatives of the women's movement of the liberal arts college.

The institution has a standard daily routine: getting up, breakfast, work day, dinner, lights out. In the so-called "chemistry" women are re-educated with the help of a special regime and compulsory labor. Convicts work in various organizations, institutions and enterprises of the city with breaks on weekends and holidays.

- Psychologists say: a person who has stumbled, often forgets about what he dreamed about and was fond of, becomes indifferent. The desire to engage in self-development, the analysis of their inner world disappears. Participants of the project “From a clean slate” are trying to teach this, notes Irina Stepanenko.

The project “From a clean slate”, initiated by the deputy prosecutor of the region Svetlana Rahman, has no analogues in the country. It is planned to sign an agreement on it between the prosecutor's office of the Grodno region, the administration of the Department for the Execution of Punishments for the Grodno region and the oblast organization BSG. It can be considered a victory if, through joint efforts, at least one of the convicted women starts a new life.


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