Seven national dances and Orpheus in a tree from Vladimir Panteleyev. The retreat of carvers has come to the end (+ video)

Seven national dances were embodied in a tree in the agro-tourism complex "Garadzenskiy majentak" Kabobchytsy". The authors of the sculptures are participants of the 10th International retreat of wood carvers. Talented masters came to a picturesque place near Grodno, not only from different cities of Belarus, but also from Lithuania, Poland, Ukraine and Russia. Russian and Gypsy dances, "polka", "gopak", "klumpakois", "lavonikha" and "seven-forty" came out from under their saws, chisels, cutters, knives.


This is the tenth international retreat in Korobchitsy. For all time, more than fifty masters from five countries left their mark in the form of original sculptures. A small anniversary was marked by the largest staff. These are 22 carvers and sculptors. Those were mainly invited who have already worked in improvised workshops in the open air in the agrotourism complex. The Belarusian masters Valentin Bogdevich, the organizer of the open-airs, Anatoly Turkov, and the oldest participant Nikolay Sklyar, the Grodno master are among them. They did not miss a single retreat for ten years. The graduates of the Bogorodsky School of carvers, the most famous in Russia, are also among the participants of this year. The professionals even have a special tool. It is a Bogorodsky knife and one of its varieties - "Tatyanka".


The masters scratched, cut, chopped for several days - from 1 to 8. And the result is here: men and women carved from oak frozen in anticipation of the first chords or in the midst of dancing. It's easy to guess what kind of dance it is according to some details - a bear as a participant in the dance, wooden shoes with sharp and slightly raised noses, characteristic movement of the thumbs that grabbed a "kamizelka" in armholes, and many others. For wooden dances, the retreat organizers will soon add interactivity. As Anatoly Grishuk, the general director of the Grodno Meat-Packing Plant, said, the sculptures will "play": the music will sound, when the guests approach them. So it can be very difficult to stand still and not start off to dance.


Among all, one stands out especially: the work of Vladimir Panteleyev, a famous Grodno sculptor, who usually works with a stone. The tree for him is also not an alien material, but not in large forms. But, as he himself says, there are no borders for the sculptor. Therefore the participation in the retreat was a kind of experiment for him. And the more interesting for the guests to see the result. Although the work does not illustrate a specific dance, it is also close to a music theme. It is dedicated to Orpheus, the hero of ancient Greek mythology, the patron of the arts. And, as always with the artist, it is metaphorical and philosophical. Here one form smoothly passes into another: from the log a lyre is suddenly born, which is crowned by the head of Orpheus, looking towards the sun. The signatures in Belarusian and Greek languages and small fragments of Greek runes are below. Vladimir Panteleev covered the sculpture with ferrous sulphate, which gives the effect of an expensive stained tree. In addition, it is a good protection against changes in temperature, moisture and sun. So Orpheus will decorate park complex for more than a dozen years.


In the near future the sites will be determined for sculptures. They will please thousands of guests of the complex, having registered on them. A musician with an accordion, stretched fur in the "Lyavonikha" is the work of Anatoly Turkov, the national master of Belarus. The sculpture asks to sit next to him and make photo. So he freeds the bench, sitting on its very edge.


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