Snow came to Grodno. How will the KorobchitskyOlimp work and how can I get to the snow mountain?

 Snow came to Grodno. How will the KorobchitskyOlimp work and how can I get to the snow mountain?

The beginning of December brought the long-awaited snow and minus - albeit small, Celsius. The snow cannons have earned, and the first guests of the active recreation park have already managed to climb the hill (by the way, on the electric lift) and on the tubing to go down the slope. At the weekend, only the tubing track worked on “Olimp”. 

Its length is 240 meters, to feel the winter mood is more than enough. The weekend, in fact, was a test run this season. Today, outside the window is again above zero temperature, and the skiing on the slopes was stopped until more frosty weather.

The opening of the slope passed, we can say in test mode. Already with the arrival of the temperature plus on Monday, "Olimp" was empty again. But, in a good sense of the word, over 200 Grodno residents managed to “snatch” the winter mood with the corresponding snow-white attributes.

- This year they started exactly from the most popular slope among Grodno residents and guests. His snowmaking began on Wednesday night and did not stop until Saturday, said Viktor Shumel, director of the central sports complex “Neman”.

Opening hours of "KorobchitskiyOlimp"


The mode of the route depends on the temperature outside. A steady -5 degree below zero is required so that you can slide. As soon as the weather becomes truly winter, the park will return to the usual schedule of races.

-Judging by the long-term forecast, it’s still difficult to talk about plans, continues Victor Shumel. As soon as the weather permits, we will work on refreshing the slopes.

The active recreation park does not exclude the possibility that the positive "mood" of nature will fairly spoil the already finished tubing slope. But anyway, the beginning of the work of the Korobchitsky "snow producers" in November and the opening of the tubing track, albeit only for the weekend, is already a good sign. Last year, the first visitors to the park of active recreation, for example, took in late January.


Monday-Thursday - 15: 00-23:00

Friday - 15:00-02:00

Saturday-Sunday - 11:00-23:00.

At the rates "Olimp" offers the following options. If you have your own tubing - you only have to pay for the entrance - 6 rubles, and if you rent a winter "bagel", then an hour will cost 5 rubles. But there is a dynamic discount: for two hours - 8 rubles, for three hours - 10 rubles, and for the whole day - 20 rubles. Now 150 tubing are waiting joyrides from the slopes. 


As for the way to get to the snowy mountains, then in addition to your own car, you can get to Olimp on pull-out runs.

- The question of the possibility of extending the route to the slopes of "Olimp" is being studied. Information in the media will appear with the beginning of the park at full capacity, said Victor Shumel.

He also added that last year at the time of the winter season from the “Tobacco Factory” stop, almost every hour, a free shuttle bus was sent to those who like active winter holidays, but the service was not popular. It is possible that this year the main way to get to "Olimp" will remain a private car and a minibus to Korobchitsy.
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