Studio apartment for 6 000 dollars. The real estate market in Grodno: by the end of the year, the price per square meter from 551 to 795 dollars

According to a review of residential property transactions in Grodno in December 2018, prepared by specialists from the Grodno Real Estate Services Agency subsidiary, in the last month of the past year, 174 apartments were sold in the regional center. 74% of transactions here fell on the secondary market, and 26% - transactions with developers or their intermediaries.


A significant surge in sales occurred in the segment of 1-room apartments. In December, 52 one-room apartments were sold, of which 13 were new buildings, and 46 apartments were a secondary market.

The average cost per square meter was $ 605 equivalent.


The cheapest one-room apartment is sold for 6000 dollars in equivalent and is located in a blocked residential building on Nogin Street. The most expensive studio apartment sold for $ 33,600 and is located on Malyschinskaya Street.

The number of transactions with 2-room apartments in December increased compared with November (64 transactions) and amounted to 77 sale and purchase agreements. 20 apartments purchased from developers, and 57 apartments sold on the secondary market. The average cost per square meter as compared with November has not changed and amounted to 589 US dollars.

The cheapest two-room apartment was an apartment of 38 square meters. m in a blocked residential house on Foluesch. The amount of the transaction amounted to 10,300 US dollars equivalent.

The most expensive one-bedroom apartment, sold in December, is located in one of the “candles” on Popovic’s Lane. The amount of the transaction has reached 59,000 US dollars.

The market for two-bedroom apartments has declined compared with the previous month from 44 to 37 apartments. The share of new buildings in the market structure is significantly higher than in the segments of one and two bedroom apartments. Approximately 33% of the market - deals with new housing.

The cost per square meter in December decreased compared to November and amounted to 568 US dollars in equivalent.

The market of four-room apartments still shows modest figures on the number of transactions. 6 apartments were sold. All transactions are conducted in the secondary market. The cheapest 4-room apartment, "Brezhnevka" on Tereshkova Street, sold for $ 28,300 equivalent. The most expensive 4-room apartment sold in December is located on Solomova Street. The amount of the transaction amounted to 58,800 US dollars. The average cost per square meter in 4-room apartments was 551 US dollars and did not change significantly compared to November.


Only 2 deals were made on the open-plan apartment market in December, both apartments are in a new building on Budyonny Street. The average cost per square meter was 795 dollars.

Summing up of the year outcome showed an obvious lack of market growth in terms of the number of transactions. In general, 170-180 apartments are sold monthly in Grodno, the market movement is wave-like, with implicitly pronounced seasonality. The price range in the most mass market segments has developed at around 500-600 US dollars per square meter.

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