SunDay in Carolino: more than 300 rare cars from 7 countries, open-air and the most beautiful girls

SunDay in Carolino: more than 300 rare cars from 7 countries, open-air and the most beautiful girls

The festival gathers guests at the airfield near Grodno already for 9th time. This year the organizers of the fest offer a very vivid program.

SunDay 2018 gathered participants from seven countries: Russia, Ukraine, Poland, Lithuania, Latvia, Estonia and, of course, Belarus. There will be something to see: all the machines are carefully prepared and tune upped. The audience will be definitely satisfied.

All guests of the fest will be cheered by stendap-comedian Slava Komissarenko, charged with rock-energy Nikamuza band with sympho instruments. The organizers note that last year each spectator spent about three hours at the festival. This year they tried to do everything to make this time bigger. Everyone is waiting for competitions and quests, where you can not only have a good time, but also win valuable prizes. Among them a car, electric bike, fuel certificates, and this is still far from a complete list.

Traditionally, the most beautiful girl will be chosen on the main stage of the festival.

The tent city became even more comfortable. So there will be a place, both for active rest and for a relaxation.

Time: 12.00, on 21-22 of July
Location: Grodno district, Karolino village

How will SunDay entertain children and adults on 21 of July ?

Next Saturday, 21 of July, the SunDay 2018 festival will be held at the Yubileynoye lake! In addition to amazing cars and a powerful concert, the festival will offer visitors a huge entertainment zone. What is so unusual to bring in Grodno from different parts of Belarus? Let's take a look at the closed scheme of the festival.

 - Everyone should be pleasantly surprised! This thesis we took as the basis, creating a SunDay festival, say the organizers.

Visitors will be offered numerous games and pleasant gifts. For example, during the festival there will be a free quest, where for each victory participants will receive SunDay stamps in a special passport. The person, who will get more stamps, will get prizes.


- All quest games are designed for cleverness and dexterity. Each round of the competition will be unforgettable. For example, you will need to get out of the big maze, catch a ball emanating from the tunnel or find a car in 1929, explain the organizers.

The largest ship of Belarus is transported on SunDay

The largest inflatable system in Belarus, built in the form of a ship, will be placed in the children's zone.

- The dimensions of the ship are 16 to 8 meters, there are slides, ladders and figures with which you can box. Children will be able to climb masts and present themselves as real sailors, says the Mogilev distributor, for whom the ship was built according to individual patterns in China. We already showed it at the holidays in Mogilev, and the children are fascinated with such a size of the playground.

5 hours of master classes and games with children

Dozens of animators will work with children and adults on SunDay 2018. Here, for example, the program of one of the entertaining children's zones:

14:00 - 14:40 - SunDance 14:40 -
15:00 - Pocherkushki
15:00 - 15:40 - Metamorphosis
15:40 - 16:00 - Pocherkushki
16:00 - 16:40 - Colorful ice cream (for kids of 3-6 years, We are waiting you)
16:00 - Funny make-up artist
17:00 - 17:40 - SportCARtsy
17:40 - 18:00 - Pocherkushki
18:00 - Funny make-up artist
18:00 - 18:40 - Transformers
18:40 - 19:00 - Pocherkushki

They will actively hand out gifts and ice cream during the games.

Playgrounds with toys and blocks for boys and girls

If kids like to play on their own, a large area with toys and blocks will be organized for them. Around the zone, the organizers will place beanbag chairs, so that parents can comfortably watch the games of their children. The zone is absolutely free.

Also, children will be offered free access to the room of "virtual reality" and free trips on electric cars, children's cafes, carousels, transformers-animators and so on.

- What about the adults?, we ask the organizers.

- For adult visitors we add extreme entertainment. For example, you can jump from the height of the third floor into a large inflatable pillow, feel like a climber and climb with belay to a height on a steep wall. Also on the territory of SunDay a downhill will be organized on a special, strong cable, the so-called "Trolley". At the same time, rides already familiar for the past years will work: for example, various shooting galleries, games for strength and dexterity, assure the organizers .

- By the way, it is already clear that the SunDay 2018 festival will beat all its previous records in terms of the number and level of participants. Many of the presented cars before could be seen only in magazines and video reviews. Also 3 scenes of the festival will be full of different shows and performances. Slava Komissarenko and Andrei Irha will become hosts. And the evening will end with the drawing of the BMW e30 and electric bike, the "Erotic Sink" and the most powerful rock concert of Nikamuza band, where the world hits of Nirvana, Queen, AC / DC, Linkin Park, The Beatles, Metallica and many others will be performed, accompanied by classical tools. The festival will be finished by the night open-air.

Now tickets for SunDay-2018 are available for 12 rubles at the ticket office on 17 Sentyabrya Street, 50. The ticket price rises from 16 of July.

The admission is free for the children under 12 years. The festival program will be published later. But it is known that the entrance for spectators opens at 12:00 on 21 of July.
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