"Swamp football", self-made ships "from everything you can find" and bike ride: a report from "Sea Festival" on the Augustow channel (+ video)

The citizens of Grodno and its guests are waiting this holiday on the channel all year round. This is one of the brightest and most exciting events of the summer season, as both the audience and the participants themselves admit. The confirmation is the number of people who came today to"Sea Festival". Ir is more than 5 000. The program is specifically designed so that those who came to the channel, if they not to participate, then at least they see all the fun. Also, it is necessary to tell at once that there is enough entertainment. One of them is "swamp football". It is worth ofit.


The ball is beaten dashingly, they are rushing to the gate ahead of time, they are punished with freehand punches and are absolutely not afraid of dirt. Today28 teams (19 men's and 9 women's team) are gathered at the Augustow channel at Dombrovka sluice on the Augustow canal. The site was also prepared specially - the level of dirt after the first game was in the center of the field actually "knee-deep." The rules are simpler than in traditional football, and the timing is shorter - two for five minutes.


An unusual kind of sports "on the opening" at "Sea Festival" is not for the first time. Nevertheless, the game fuse of teams is still worthy of good envy. And while some kick the ball so the spray scatter, others actively support "on the shore", and make their bets.

Oksana came to the "swamp match" with her daughters from Iwye. The woman already played this game last year. The action so absorbed her that it was simply impossible to refuse to participate again:

- There is not enough sun, it's a little cold outside, but when you run, you quickly warm up, especially since the mud is very viscous, sometimes you go to it knee-deep. And in general, the holiday, of course, stunning. This is something for which you can "twist" more than one hundred kilometers.

Meanwhile, the Lida football team beat women from Grodno. The girls are dirty, hot and happy.


- Everything cool!, one of the girls lifts one thumb up. It's disgusting when dirt gets into your mouth.

Because of the excitement women from Lida even offered to embrace, so to speak, they wanted to share a good mood and at the same time a "swamp" coloring. However, our photojournalistand so got.


Those who have yet to play, are excitedly shifting from one foot to the other, trying to at least slightly test the dirt with their feet. The rest try to catch their breath, drink water and take turns in the shower.

By the way, "swamp football", by the looks of things, will last for a long time - two dozen men's teams and dozens of women's teams. And this is only the beginning. The registration continues, and the participants are still actively pulling themselves up. And this is a fact - at the very first matches the teams were not exhibited in such numbers. The match had to taste.


All this time, the process, in parallel preparing for the start, was actively observed by cyclists. The people from Ostrovets, by the way, were delighted with the girl's game. But bikers from Byerastavitsaat some point was not up to football. Sergei, Victor and Zhenya had to look after the daughter of one of the comrades. This is a small fidget Veronica. Between the case the guys confessed - they are not scared of 22, 5 km along the Augustow Canal.

- At the first turn, we plan to roll, - joked Victor.

But the girls in Byerastavitsa team of bicyclists were much more persistent.

-I had to ride a bicycle only to work and back sometimes, confessedIrina and Olga. But we will not turn off the road. Go to the end. This is our credo.


Did not frighten the mileage and Olga, a representative of Beltelecom's team:

-I like riding a bicycle. This distance, however, will have to be overcome for the first time, but I am sure that I will manage it. Our organization always participates in almost all mass sports events. So we are experienced people (laughs).

Whatever the case, the organizers do not plan to determine the winners of the bike ride: each medal winner will receive a commemorative medal. In a word, the good fellow is who has reached the destination.
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