Oleg Labovitch from the CSUE "Dotishki" became the first in the Grodno region who threshed a thousand tons of grain

This boundary of the grain output has been crossed on the site of winter critical near Matyuntsi village. The crew recorded 1005 tons of grain in its assets, having unloaded the next batch of harvest from the KZS-1218 "Polesie GS12" bunker.


This is already the 25th harvest time for Oleg Labovic. And he started it on a new Belarusian combine. He believes that domestic technology is no worse than imported models for both productivity and comfort.

This is the first harvesting for Yuri Novitsky, the assistant of the senior combine operator.He asked to work on the combine after graduating from college. By the way, they are not only fellow villagers with Oleg Labovich, but also neighbors.


The representatives of regional and republican trade unions came to congratulate the winners right on the field. The leaders of the harvest received diplomas, thanks to the Minister of Agriculture and Food, monetary bonuses.

- Harvest now is very difficult,says Ivan Olisovich,the chairman of the regional organization of the trade union of workers of the agro-industrial complex. There fore I want to express my gratitude to all its participants and encourage the best. And, of course, the trade unions try to keep under control the observance of the legislation on labor protection, the sanitary and living conditions in the harvest.


- Grodno has always been distinguished by a high, qualitative and safe organization of workin this context. On the eve of the harvest, I visited six districts of the region and became convinced that the readiness of the farmers of Prinemane is the best in the country. This is also confirmed by the present celebration of the crew from the CSUE "Dotishki",says Nikolai Labushev, the chairman of the Republican Committee of the Belarusian Trade Union of Agro-Industrial Workers.

A small musical congratulation sounds in honor of front-rank workers, and the crew again takes its places on the combine "Polesie".

-We try to use every minute. I manage the farming for 19 years, and this season is perhaps the most difficult. And the grain wedge is about 5600 hectares. For today, on 23th of July, 44 percent of the areas have already been removed. On Tuesday, I hope, we will finish rapeseedharvesting, which we have on 900 hectares and yields 40 centners per circle. So, on Wednesday, we will be able to distribute another 8 combine harvesters from rapeseed to harvest grain and legumes.


We have 19 cars in the combine park.This technique is enough to cope with the harvest in a rather short time with favorable weather. And if the office of heaven acts up, the grain in the field will not be left. It is a strategic product for our economy, because we have 13 thousand head of cattle and 24 thousand pigs. How we ensure the livestock industry feeds, such will be the result of its work. It directly affects the overall prosperity of the entire collective farm, and this is about a thousand people. All of us are accustomed to work for the result and it will be today, says Gennady Kozlovsky, the director of the CSUE "Dotishki" .
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