The results of work of the regional Red Cross Society were summed up in Grodno

The results of work of the regional Red Cross Society were summed up in Grodno

The meeting of the Presidium of the regional organization of the Belarusian Red Cross Society - the largest humanitarian organization of Grodno region - summed up the work over the past year and outlined plans for 2019. Viktor Liskovich, Deputy Presidential Executive Committee, Romania Skomoroshko,Deputy Secretary General of the National Red Cross of the Assembly of the Republic of Belarus, deputy chairmen of district executive committees, heads of city and district organizations BRCS.

- The regional organization of the Belarusian Red Cross Society is the largest humanitarian organization in our region, which closely interacts with government agencies and works to protect the life and health of the population, provide medical and social assistance, and respond to emergency situations, saidViktorLiskovich, the chairman of the presidium of the regional organization BRSC, Deputy Chairman of the Regional Executive Committee. It is necessary to continue to actively involve residents of the region in the activities of the organization. Here information work is important, close cooperation with the spheres of education and social protection, youth public associations, labor collectives. Such partnership is a significant factor of social well-being. People need to know to whom and what kind of support the organization provides, which projects it implements. It is important to focus attention and efforts on the benefit of people in this activity.


Today, the regional organization of BRSC consists of almost 160 thousand people, and this is almost 16% of the population of the region. The organization has 69 employees, about half of them are sisters of mercy, working on the basis of the state social order. The service of the sisters of mercy has already been organized in 14 districts of the region and the city of Grodno. They now have and serves more than 270 wards, among which mainly people with disabilities. In total in the region in the past year, the organization provided assistance to more than 40 thousand people in need.


As Romania Skomoroshko emphasized, the Grodno regional organization of the Red Cross is at the forefront in the country. Her “heart” is still volunteers. To increase their quantity and quality of training is one of the key tasks for the current year. The most volunteer staff currently works in Grodno, Volkovysk, Slonim and Smorgon. The main activities of the volunteers in the region remain participation in training and information projects and medical and social assistance.

Last year, the regional organization BRCS continued to engage in the implementation of long-playing socially significant projects. One of these is the Red Cross day care center for children with disabilities. It is financed with the participation of state social order funds. Disabled children undergo a process of socialization here, and parents have the opportunity to take a short break from everyday troubles. Last summer an integration camp worked for children with disabilities and their families within the framework of the projectat the recreation center “Kupalinka”. More than 100 people from seven districts of the region could relax there. 20 specially trained volunteers worked with children, they knew how to find the right approach to special children. And this is not all projects.


-In January of this year, with the support of the US Embassy in the Republic of Belarus and the UNHCR in Belarus, “acrisis room”was opened in Grodno for women with refugee children and other people in difficult life situations, said Natalia Tolkacheva, ad interim of Grodno regional organization of BRCS.  Also, integrative platforms were createdon the basis of secondary schools No. 16 and secondary school No. 22 of Grodno, where teachers, parents, and volunteers work with special children. The guys learn to find a common language with their peers, they go through social adaptation. We continue the project “Nanny instead of Mother”, in which volunteers help nurses and doctors in hospitals to care for babies left without parents.


Viktor Liskovich praised the work of the regional organization of the Belarusian Red Cross Society and noted that its activities will continue to receive broad support from local authorities. Projects and unqualified feedback to the work of Red Cross volunteers saves thousands of lives.


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