The interiors of the Volovich Palace are designed in Svyatsk, and a measured hut has already begun to build at the walls of the Old Castle

Alexander Yatsko, the Deputy Minister of Culture of the Republic of Belarus, familiarized himself with the course of works on historical and cultural sites being restored in Grodno and Grodno. The working meeting was held with the participation of Vladimir Deshko, the Deputy Chairman of the Regional Executive Committee, Elena Klimovich, the Head of the Department of Culture of the Regional Executive Committee, andrepresentatives of construction and design organizations. 


The palace and park ensemble in Svyatskwas the first point of visit. Restorative work began here last spring. The foundations with vertical and horizontal insulationreinforced in the left and right outbuildings, overlap, finishing work continues.   


-The most important issues at this stage are the interior design of the central part of the palace, which are the most important elements of the complex, - says Alexander Yatsko. - They are especially important from the point of view of visitors and tourists, but at the same time, they preserve historical reliability. We do not have the right to make a mistake and we must recreate everything in its original form, at the same time with modern functionality.   


Today, the task is to ensure that the two wings - left and right – will appear in a complete form by the new year. It is planned to draw a line in the works on the central part of the palace, a multifunctional building, in 2019. 

- At this phase we are conducting an active stage of interior design. In particular, a team is being formed, which will be engaged in this really difficult professional work. And we are striving to proceed to the interiors of the palace no later than this year, -  added Alexander Yatsko.


As for the Old Castle, the continuous process of promoting of repair works is evident, perhaps, to every attentive citizen of Grodno. All of us today are witnessing a lot of research work and interesting discoveries that are taking place here.    

- According to the pre-existing part of the premises of the entrance group, the total construction work was 75% completed, - says Oleg Shimboretskiy, -  the chief architect of the restoration project of the Old Castle. We have already approached the crowning part, that is, the last tier of vaults, terrace and roof. As for the reconstruction of the fortress wall and the erection of a measured hut, which is almost entirely a reconstructed volume, preparatory work has been carried out here: the ground has been strengthened and piles have been installed. Masonry work began on the erection of a measured hut and today we are at the level of the foundations and cellar of this element.   


The most urgent issue that today faces the designers is the approval of the shape of the dome. Approximately ten variants of different design and profiling with visualization have been developed in order to perform works on its design as accurately as possible. But this work is not finished yet.   

- After approval of the final version of the decision of the dome in the Ministry of Culture, we will make adjustments to the existing draft,  - added Oleg Shimboretsky.   


It should be reminded,the work of the first stagecontinue at the walls of the Old Castle. Basically, this is a building process, which will allow us to move on to special and finishing works - namely, restoration of the exterior and interior interiors.  

-Today's visit is a logical, actually working process: we made sure  the correctness of the decisions taken, discussed the emerging operational issues, noted the deputy minister. It can be said that in the future, more work is possible than originally planned for the current year. Now we are working on the issue of additional financing within the framework of the state investment program.   


The archaeologistscontinue to work at the walls of the Old Castle .

- A stone pavement was discovered in the layers of the 15th-16th centuries. It was probably laid in Vitovt's time, shared Natalia Kizyukevich . The find was cleaned, photographed and painted for future researchers.    
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