The largest school in the region will open in Olshanka by September 1

The largest school in the region will open in Olshanka by September 1

The school №41 is being built in the young microdistrict Olshanka.

Here it is the second. As it was repeatedly stressed at different levels, including by Vladimir Kravtsov the chairman of the regional executive committee, school №39 did not allow to fully provide all the children living in the new neighborhood with places. Therefore, it was decided to build here another institution of secondary education.

The project is unique - there are only two such schools in Belarus today, it will be the first in the region. They are also called giant schools: a four-storey educational institution is designed for 44 class-sets, or 1,100 children. For comparison, the capacity of the 39th school is 33 class sets.

- Today more than 10 thousand children aged from 0 to 18 years live in the neighborhood of Olshanka, including 5184 schoolchildren. 2,150 children study at educational institutions located in other microdistricts, said Andrei Semanchyk, the head of the education department of the city executive committee. The commissioning of secondary school №41 will completely cover the need for a school in Olshanka, and the children will be able to receive a general secondary education in an institution located in their neighborhood.

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By the way, 350 people have already expressed their desire to study at a new school. For many people this will solve the issue of walking distance from the school.

However, there are those who probably will not want to change the group of students and teachers that has become native, even if this is not right at home. Whether or not to go to a new school is voluntary. Recall that according to the rules of admission to the institutions of general secondary education, children who live on fixed streets are first credited to the first classes. If there are free places, guys from other neighborhoods can be taken.

And although there is still a lot of time before the new school year, the teaching staff of the future school is already being formed. Both young and more experienced teachers who give good results in preparing children for olympiads, centralized testing, and participation in scientific conferences will give knowledge to students.

Those who will sit at the desks in school №41, waiting for the most modern and well-equipped classrooms and laboratories. The innovations are cool audiences, like university ones, as well as a gymnasium. A swimming pool, a football field with artificial turf, a gym, and sports grounds - not only students, but also adult residents of the microdistrict can use all of this. Like other modern schools, the 41st will become a real socio-cultural and sports center of the neighborhood. In addition, branches of sports, music and art schools will operate at its base, which greatly expands opportunities for additional education of students.

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