The monument of Lord David of Grodno was put up on a plinth in a regional centre

The monument of Lord David of Grodno was put up on a plinth in a regional centre

Its opening will be held on 1st of June. The author of the sculpture is our fellow countryman Sergey Oganov, which won the competition for the best sketch of the monument of the great commander. The monument was created in the end of the last year and then it was delivered in Grodno. It was temporarily kept on the territory of the church in honor of all Belarusian Saints.

-We kept it in the open air making periodic checks of the sculpture, says Andrey Nozdrin, the head of the mission department of Grodno Diocese. - And the moment of the its shipment to the permanent place had come.

The place of the monument was chosen at the intersection of Zamkovaya and Davyd Gorodensky streets near New and Old Castles in the city centre. The site was designed by Grodno architect Alexander Sten.

-I think the location was well chosen, good stone material was selected, there is a possibility to upgrade walkways near the monument and to plant more decorative bushes and trees, underscored Alexander Sten.

The monument with its plinth weigh about 16 tons. A big granite from Mansurovskoye field was specially ordered for its making.

-Mansurovsky stone turns some other colour during approximately three-four years. Then the composition will become more harmonious, says Sergey Oganov. - The Arts Council of Ministry of Culture will be approving my work on Friday.

Citizens and tourists were already watching this process during the installation of the monument. They have an unequivocal opinion: this is the real gift for Grodno city before Country-wide Festival of National Cultures and the memory about Grodno defenders from the depths of the ages.

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