The stories of Grodno citizens who left to work abroad and returned with nothing

The stories of Grodno citizens who left to work abroad and returned with nothing

They earned ... big problems

In one of the towns of the Grodno region, Sergei (all names have been changed) was known as a good car mechanic. The guy not only was engaged in repair, but also tuned auto. There was no shortage in the clients. And the friends repeated: "You would be successful abroad..." Perhaps this prompted a young man to apply for a foreign site. The answer came quickly: they offered great prospects and considerable earnings. The guy, without thinking for a long time, packed his bag - and went to the neighboring country. Only instead of the promised fortune, I got what I did not expect: I had to live in the garage and work for food. The employer fraudulently took away his passport, mobile phone and allowed to call home only once a month under the supervision of a strong guy. This went on for a year, until the young man trusted one of the clients. He helped him escape and reach his native country.

The story was told by Tamara Onoshchenko, the specialist of the regional organization of the Belarusian Red Cross Society She is the coordinator of the project "Strengthening the National Potential of the Republic of Belarus in the Sphere of Combating Trafficking in Human Beings". She knows first hand how in the search for "easy bread" abroad our citizens find themselves in difficult life situations. This year 15 residents of the region applied for help only to the Red Cross.


Among them, Grodno Vladimir, who all day long built a cottage over the course of two months in another country. When a friend from Grodno offered a job, a decent salary, good living and working conditions were negotiated.

The man recently divorced, had a debt for child support, so he happily jumped at the opportunity to get quick money. A company of nine builders assembled. Two months to sixteen hours a day erected a chic cottage. On the day of the salary, the employer asked the men to celebrate the pay. They woke up already in Grodno, without money and with vague memories of what happened ...

Returning to normal life

- Our task is to help deceived people to return to normal life. First time we provide the, with products, things, we help to find work. If necessary, we deliver the, to our homeland, we meet at the station. There is a connection with the bodies that are involved in the restoration of documents, says Tamara Onoshchenko.

There are so many examples. So, the guy who suffered from labor slavery was infinitely glad to the given tool, organized his business. Three girls, who once united a common misfortune, decided to return together to normal life. They asked to help with the equipment for sewing production.

It's hard to believe

-The most difficult thing is to return the trust to the victims, says the Red Cross.

To put it mildly, seven Grodno students experienced great disappointment, who went to Sweden with great enthusiasm and vigorous spirit, but returned with debts. Abroad, they had to work on picking of blueberries. But on the way to the destination they were forced to cultivate strawberry plantations in Poland under the pretext of delaying the ferry. Due to unclear circumstances they were dragged into an adventure with a customs clearance of foreign cars. And when, finally, they reached Sweden, it turned out that there is no need in additional blue-collar workers. Deceived students hitchhiked and for their own money got home.


Specialist of the Red Cross emphasizes that many deceived people swallow the insult and ignore the facts of labor slavery. Especially it concerns those who once for some reason descended down the social ladder.

Such as Edward is usually called homeless. In winter, he sleeps in the boiler room, in the summer he guards the dacha, for which he receives a small penny. The recruiter spotted a man and promised a fortune. But the man was never paid for the heavy three-month work abroad.

And for Olga from Novogrudok to tell her story is simply embarrassing. She once had to go abroad to earn money for the treatment of a sick mother. She planned to work as a waitress, but the host decided differently. She managed to escape from a brothel only a year later.


Where he was born…

After the told stories, we asked Tamara Onoshchenko to give advice to those who decided to find a job abroad.

- There is such expression: where was born, there he or she is useful. I have heard it many times from those who come to us with their problems. All of us should think it over again.
P.S. The man who helped auto-mechanic Sergei escape from labor slavery, was amazed by his diligence and masterfulness of the guy. He invited the guy to work for him. But Sergei was adamant: he wants only in his homeland. According to the latest information, he is doing well in his personal life, and in his professional life.
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