Tourist season in the Grodno region: visiting wedding ceremonies, national cuisine, guerrilla camp

Tourist season in the Grodno region: visiting wedding ceremonies, national cuisine, guerrilla camp

The new tourist season started in the Grodno region.

The citizens of the region are looking for more ways to interest foreign guests.

However, one motivation is already here - a visa-free regime. Last year more than 90 thousand tourists visited Grodno and its environs. This year the task is to overcome the bar of 120. Belarusians from all over the country are also waited here.

You can feel yourself like a soldier of the Red Army and the first to reach the front line. Excursions are scheduled from morning to evening in the Grodno fortress, Guerrilla camp in Korobchitsybefore Victory Day. There are a dugout and a fire for adults, a selfie on a real tankfor children, combat uniform and an obstacle course. The organizers say, if telling schoolchildren about the war this way, knowledge of it will remain in memory for the rest of their lives.

 - Egor Bogdan: “Is it difficult to be a soldier? It should be a strict discipline, you need to be able to do everything, run fast, prepare fully for everything.

For those who would like to have a rest for their soul, the princely complex in the style of the end of the XVIII century and sculpture everywhere. Just touch - there will be luck, and love, and money. Today, only in the “Garadzensky maentakKarobchytsy” of the Grodno meat processing plant about 125 thousand tourists come to the year. A third of them are foreigners. They say that in the same Baltic states, for example, now the boom of interest in Belarus is inexpensive, close and informative.

 - Svetlana Gura, a tourist (Latvia): “I came with great pleasure, we have a group, a whole bus, we all are delighted with Belarus, we really like it here, and we are very pleased that we arrived.”

 Workers of agrotourism complex say that today it is not enough for the tourist to look at everything from the outside. He wants to be involved in events at every step and try something new. Valentin Bogdevich, a famous Grodno woodcarver, allows everyone to become a master for a minute.

 - Mikhail Murashov, a tourist: “I tried it for the first time, very exciting. And the oak is so hard, you have to make efforts, something has started to turn out”.

 The heroes of fairy tales and the Belarusian history, even the dances of the peoples of the world are made of oak - more than 200 sculptures on the territory are made, including the timid hand of guests. This weekend they helped cut Uncle Chernomor's squad.

 - Valentin Bogdevich, woodcarver: “This is just work as work, there is nothing so complicated here. But when you put some zest into it, a character, a facial expression, a person unwillingly stops his gaze on him”.

 If earlier Belarusians went to Lithuania for sausages, and to Poland for sweets and coffee, now foreigners come to us try the national cuisine. Antique recipes for a local restaurant menu have been collected around the villages for several years. Ham with a spark - the pride of the chef. This was given to the king Stefan Batory himself, the princes Radzivills, and now to the tourists.

- Alexander Tarasevich, the chef of the Zevana Castle restaurant: “It was cooked in a vacuum, without air and at low temperature, its temperature was 70 degrees, and it was preparing for 16 hours.”

 Today, tourist complexes are used even for weddings, all in the open air, like in Europe. Magnolias, sakura, sea of tulips. There is a zoo and arboretum with rare plants from around the world, by the way, planted by famous people. After all, the main task is to keep the tourist as long as possible and offer him a maximum of entertainment. 


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