“Victories in olympiads do not fall from the sky even to gifted children.” Andrei Zlobin about the Dubko Prize, Mendeleev Olympiad and love for chemistry Hobbies

The last month of 2018 was especially memorable for Andrei Zlobinfrom Grodno. During his studies at the Grodno City Gymnasium, his name more than once sounded like the name of the prize-winner and the winner of the various stages of the Republican Olympiads in Chemistry and Geography. And according to the results of the outgoing year, such a “sonority” of the name of the young Grodno citizen acquired a new note. The work and academic success of an eleventh-grader are marked by the prestigious prize of the regional executive committee named after Alexander I. Dubko.


-And this is another logical result of the tremendous work and marginal organization of Andrew, says Vitaly Statino, chemistry teacher. Today the level of olympiadtasks is so high that even when they become students, the winners of the final stage do not discover something new for themselves - they are well aware of the university program.

Andrew was still in the ninth grade, when he studied the school curriculum on his favorite subject, and today he is learning the university one with ease. Every day, regardless of the closeness of the Olympiad, he tries to solve several dozens of tasks, and after classes, with great pleasure, he hurries to an optional course in chemistry.

The first major victory, Andrei himself, considers a third degree diploma at the final stage of the Republican Olympiad in Chemistry in the ninth grade. This result was surpassed by the Grodno gymnasium student in 2018, when, by knowledge of chemistry, he became the best in the country and took the first degree diploma in the republican Olympiad. This victory was also a ticket to the national team to participate in the International Mendeleev Olympiad. 135 schoolchildren from more than 20 countries took part in it, and according to its results, a third degree diploma in the collection of Grodno prizes.

- When I learned that I became a prize-winner of the International Mendeleev Olympiad, the first thing I called my mother. The second call was, of course, to Vitaly Statino, the teacher, says Andrei Zlobin, rightly adding that this teacher in a good sense “infected” him with a great love for the subject.


Diploma of the third degree - a well-deserved reward for great work. Only during the preparation for the Mendeleev Olympiad, Andrew studied in detail dozens of compilations and books.

This year the International Olympiad was held in Minsk, and upon arrival in Grodno, Andrei received congratulations, including from the director of the gymnasium. He was overwhelmed with pride and joy when he learned that he was nominated for the Alexander Dubko Prize. The special solemnity of its presentation was given by the fact that not only relatives came to support Andrei, but the whole class along with the class teacher.

-Of course, they were very pleased with such a high appreciation of our son’s work, says Maria, Andrei’s mother. Watching his preparation, we know that such results as a prize in the International Olympiad do not fall from the sky even on gifted children. This is the result of great work.


Andrew prefers take a breath and get away from the hard work in the company of friends or with a book in his hands.

Another guy's fascination is intellectual games. And here in the piggy bank of achievements, the Grodno gymnasium student also has great results. In early December, Andrei returned with another victory from the capital as part of the team of intellectuals of the regional Palace of Children's and Youth Creativity - the team won the Leader's Cup in the Republican intellectual tournament “Track”.

-I never had to force him to study, adds Maria Vladimirovna. And we don’t have the secret of such an attitude to knowledge. This is all about the example. The foundation of great love for reading and learning the unknown in primary school was laid by Natalia Minina, grandmother.


Constantly before his eyes was an example of dad, which never goes anywhere without the book - an interesting conversationalist on any topic.

For 2019, Andrei again has a maximum task: successful participation in the Olympiad movement and, of course, admission to the university. The question of whether the young man is planning to continue not to part with his passion for chemistry could not be asked. Andrei wants to become a biopharmacist. And it is for this reason that Russian with biology, necessary for successful completion of centralized testing, was added along with intensive study of a favorite subject this year. However, the winner of the Alexander Iosifovich Prize Dubko does not give up any of the school subjects: he always gets the highest points for all.

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