Videos at the box office and audio invitation to the festival in buses

At the XII Festival of National Cultures in Grodno people will be invited in public transport and in large shopping centers.

The festival advertisement already started from the beginning of this week in busses at the regional center. Local people and guests of Grodno heard these invitations on all trolley and bus routes. In speakers was sounded a festival advertisement that are reminded the twelfth bright holiday will take place on June 1 and 2 in 2018.

- June 1, you will see a colorful procession of nationalities, a concert of artists of popular music on Sovetskaya Square & fireworks. June 2nd will begin the national yards, a closing ceremony of the festival, a concert of Honored Artist of Belarus Irina Dorofeeva and an invited band Band'Eros will be held, the advertisement says.
As explained in the department of City administration, every week the text of advertising that sounda in transport will change and will describe the brightest episodes of the XII Festival of National Culture.


Starting from May 10, not only the sound, but also the visual announcement of the festival can be seen and heard in the major shops of the city. Videos about the festival will be broadcast on TV screens from settlement cash desks, and all visitors to the trading floor will hear the sound too. As in the case of advertising in public transport, the videos will change, and the residents and guests of the regional center will know the most interesting about the festival long before it is held.

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